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Friday, May 3, 2013

Mumbai Police - Malayalam Movie Review

Mumbai Police - Malayalam Movie Review

Direction : Roshan Andrews
Producer : Nisad Haneefa 

Cast : Prithviraj, Jayasurya , Rahman, Aparna Nair, Hima Davis, Kunchan, Riyaz Khan...

Story, Screen Play : Bobby & Sanjay
Banner : Nisad Haneefa Productions
Co-Producer : Nivas Haneefa & Niyas Haneefa
DOP : C. Diwakar
Music : Gopi Sunder
Production Controller : Aroma Mohan
Art Director : Cyril Kurivila
Action Director : Allan Amin


Mumbai Police narrates the story of three close friends: City Police Commissioner Faran (Rahman), Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner Aryan John Jacob (Jayasurya) and Ernakulam Assistant Commissioner Antony Moses (Prithviraj). These police officers are a cause of nightmare to the mafia and the underworld of Kochi city. The media calls these fearless and efficient officers Mumbai Police because even though they are in Kochi, they all have some sort of connection with Mumbai. MP is a investigative thriller that also focuses on the life of a Policemen, friendship etc

Mumbai Police is mainly a 'who-dunnit' cop thriller drama. Film begins with Antony revealing the identity of the Killer to some one, but before he could reveal the name of the culprit he gets involved in an accident and suffers temporary memory loss.So Antony has to start everything from the scratch, but this time its not just the identity of the Killer, knowing himself forms an even bigger puzzle.

First of all Kudos to Bobby-Sanjay team for thinking out of the box and coming up with an interesting, engrossing and a new kind of cinema - which definitely deserves a new generation tag because of the story and its treatment and not because the cuss words used or overdose of titillating scenes.

Prithviraj has done a very good job, the 2 contrasting phases of Antony has been brilliantly portrayed. The character goes through tons of emotions and changes throughout the film which he has beautifully played out. Rest of the cast were also good.

 The film maintains its pace through out, it keeps you on edge of the seats till the end. Its a mix of Drama and investigation, so don't look for a fast paced thriller.

Camera, editing works were really good, able to capture the mood of the film perfectly without any lag or uneven jumps/cuts. There are no songs in the film, but Gopi Sundar's BG play an important role in the narration, done again wonderfully by GS.

Direction looked brilliant at places but sloppy in others - so totally it was mixed bag. The climax could evoke mixed reactions and may even cause wave of discussions in online forums and social media, but apart from the logical aspect of the 'REASON' in current scenario it was brilliant from the part of the writers to think out of the box .

For those who expect films like CBI series it may end up as disappointment, but for lovers of cinema it is something to watch out for.

Verdict: Good

Rating: 3.25/5

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