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Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 : The Big Summer Blockbuster - My Movie Review

Directed by     Shane Black
Produced by     Kevin Feige
Screenplay by     Drew Pearce, Shane Black,


Robert Downey, Jr.
Gwyneth Paltrow
Don Cheadle
Guy Pearce
Rebecca Hall
Stephanie Szostak
James Badge Dale
Jon Favreau
Ben Kingsley

Music by     Brian Tyler
Cinematography     John Toll
Editing by     Jeffrey Ford
Peter S. Elliot

Studio     Marvel Studios, DMG Entertainment
Distributed by     Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, UTV Motion Pictures (India)
Release date(s)     April 26, 2013 (India),     May 3, 2013 (United States)
Running time     130 minutes
Country     United States, China
Language     English
Budget     $200 million

Iron Man 3 (U/A - 2D)  My Movie Review

Big Man In a Suit Of Armour. Take That Away - What Are You? asks CAP in the Billion dollar Blockbuster The Avengers to which Tony Stark aka Iron Man says 'genius billionaire playboy philanthropist' - this answer is what explained in Iron Man 3 by series debutant Dir. Shane Black [Lethal Weapon Series writer]

Iron Man continues from where The Avengers left off [including the Shawarma scene ;-)] . Post the 'New York' incident Tony Stark is suffering from PTSD. Adding to the worries, is a previously unknown terrorist, Mandarin [Ben Kingsley] who brings Tony back to square one, right into the ground from the billion dollar mansion, super cars and tons of money, with nothing but his brain & brawn [& a 10 year old boy] to depend upon. This is where he answers the question that has been baffling him for years, The question that has been long baffling him, does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

 Iron Man 3 is the best movie in the series. The series is back on track, with a bang after a disappointing Iron Man 2 which was like Tony Stark himself - lots of money wasted with a lazy script which kinda looked like IM1 reboot. Coming after Avengers Shane had a lot to do and prove as IM3 marks the beginning of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 [followed by Thor 2, CAP2 and Avengers 2]. 

We like Super heroes when they are cornered and pushed to the walls - this is exactly what Shane Black did in IM3. Plus there are lots of quirky one liners, which is one of the USP's of the character, which only Tony Stark/RDJr. can pull off. This is the 5th appearance of RDJr., still we cant get enough of this character, that's the stars charisma and performance in a role that changed even his life of drugs, drinks and prison. His contractual obligation is over with IM3 hope he returns in avengers 2 and IM 4, 5 etc - because I personally can't imagine anybody else doing Tony Stark/Iron Man .

The story also has an investigative kinda touch to it - ie its not monotonous like most super hero movies. The are many well executed/written scenes like the one with Kid, Flight scene, climax, scenes with Mandarin etc

After Joker (The Dark Knight) we got another equally powerful cinematic villain in the Mandarin played excellently by Sir Ben Kingsley. 

Rebeca Hall gets limited screen time, but Gweneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots gets a meatier role this time, the best outing of the character in fact in the series.

Don Cheadle [War Machine/Iron Patriot] & Guy Pearce did good job as well. 

 The film doesn't look like needed 3d conversion [so don't waste your money and tire your eyes]. There are some things left unanswered. It is a stand alone movie, it doesn't hype Avengers 2 much [may use any one of the scenes later]. Nick Fury who was part of all previous 'Avenger' movies is absent in IM3 [& Thor 2 as well according to reports].

Jos Whedon after watching Iron Man 3, especially the climax, said it will be difficult to top this in Avengers 2, may be a little extravagant comment but still the movie and the climax can stand upto the grandeur & awe set by The Avengers.

For banner/Hulk fans there is a cameo in the  end credit scene [not by the alter ego], which is a comic one, unlike the other IM, Thor, Cap movies had. It doesn't lead to Avengers 2. [May be they are waiting for the film to release in US, to add another end credit scene, on May 3rd, like they did with Avengers adding the Thanos scene]

Final Word: The Best in the series, best follow up to Avengers

Rating : 4/5

Verdict: Too Goooood for Super Hero Geeks and RDJr/Tony Stark fans, Others too will like it for sure

Box Office - Blockbuster Worldwide !!!! Hit-Super Hit in India 

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Immanuel - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Immanuel - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Lal Jose
Produced by     S. George
Screenplay by     A.C. Vijeesh
Story by     Pradeep Nair
Music by     Afzal Yusuf
Distributed by     Play House
Release date(s)     5 April 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Mammootty as Emmanuel
    Fahadh Faasil as Jeevan Raj
    Reenu Mathews as Annie
    Devi Ajith
    Aparna Nair
    Salim Kumar
    Guinness Pakru as Kavi Shivan


Immanuel is the story of Immaneul who tries to cope up with MNC Insurance company and the New Gen wok ethics after the press publishing firm that he worked went broke.


First things first- Immanuel is Mammootty's best outing since Best Actor which came 2 years ago. Its a typical straight forward feel good family entertainer without much gimmicks or masala. The Story is nothing revolutionary or unique. The story one-line has distant some with Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year.

Its a simple screen play beautifuly narated by Director Lal Jose, eventhough its no where near to his previous films. The surrounding of an MNC, especially an Insurance company is new to Malayali audience. The frauds, in-humane rules, fight for meeting the target has been explained in the film.

Apart from this there is a sense of Dejavu in most parts. Each & every turn that comes along are predictable. We have seen many stories of such Golden hearted Hero before, all elements find in thos movies can be find here too. But nothing appear forced or fake unlike Bavooty. The film belong to the Sathyan Anthikadu brand of feel good family dramas, but he only thing is that Immanuel is low in humor content. The movie drags here and there.

Mammooty has beautifully underplayed the role of man with Golden heart. There was nothing challenging in for him. He just needed to comedown from the over the top characters of his past few films and he did that efficiently. In an extended cameo as the main antagonist Fahadh Faasil simply rocked. Reenu Mathews has made a confident debut. The supporting cast are also good.

Songs are good, even though there was no need of the Carol song. The Background score is very good. Camera and Editing are beautiful.

Sukumari in a cameo role makes everyone's eyes wet. The claps that people gave for her is the the testimony of  what a great loss her death will be for us.

Family Audience will love this movie for sure. And for those who doesn't watch too many foreign language films this one will definitely be worth a watch.



Box Office - HIT

Sound Thoma - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Sound Thoma - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Directed by     Vyshakh
Produced by     Anoop
Screenplay by     Benny P Nairambalam
Story by     Benny P Nairambalam
Music by     Gopi Sundar
Cinematography     Shaji Kumar
Editing by     Mahesh Narayanan
Studio     Priyanjali Films
Distributed by     Priyanjali Films
Release date(s)         April 5, 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam
Budget     INR 5 Crore


    Dileep as Thoma
    Mukesh as Mathai
    Namitha Pramod as Sreelakshmi
    Nedumudi Venu
    Saikumar as Plapparambil Paulo
    Suraj Venjaramoodu
    Shiju as Joykutty


'Sound Thoma' is the story of Thoma who sounds weird thanks to his cleft lip which his father left untreated. The film deals with Thoma, his pranks and antics, his romance with Sreelakshmi, who is an RJ in a local FM station, and the small/big tiffs & conflicts with his rich aristocratic modern age Shylock father Plapparambil Paulo.


Ever since the first look of the film was launched there was immense hype related to the film. Vysakh the super-mass director, joining for the first time with Dileep who always takes special interest in portraying such unique characters and making them work - much was expected from this combo, but the end product turned to be damn squib thanks to the un interesting screenplay.
The character of Thoma had great potential and Dileep tried his level best to save the movie but the serious flaws in the scripts couldn't be covered. May be its timew for him to understand that characters alone will not make a movie work.  Even Vysakh looked of color,  whose direction played a big role in all his past successful ventures. 

People who expect a complete comedy entertainer like My BOss or Mayamohini or Karyasthan will be hugely disappointed. Its inferior to even Pappi apacha. The film is more a serious drama than comedy. The story is a mix of various other films written by Benny, but still could have saved the movie had the screenplay been good. Gopi Sundar too couldn't do much in terms of Back Ground score, but 3 songs in the film (1 with titles) are good, with 'Thoma Style' being the stand out. And at 2hr 35mins felt like the movie didn't had any editor.The last 30 mins are really unbearable.

Dileep was superb, as i said before. Sai Kumar is the another noted performer in this unholy mess of a movie. Namitha was OK, but she had nothing much to either. rest of the cast were OK.

The movie needs trimming immediately for any chance to survive at the box office. Like all other recent Dileep hits if Kids and Ladies (his major fan base) likes the title character then the movie may sail through the box office, other wise an average fare.

The movie tagline say "Financially sound,but.....". Its sure that the producer is financially sound by selling all the rights to exuberant price, but......content wise its not so sound......



Box Office - Average may be above

Verdict: Go with zero expectations, you may not hate it......