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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nadodikattu Part 4 confirmed for Onam 2014

Two of the most Iconic characters in Malayalam cinema history, Dasan & Vijayan, are coming back, FINALLY!!

Nadodikattu is one of the most loved Malayalam film of all time, where the characters CID Dasan & CID Vijayan appeared for the first time. The characters are so popular that still we can see refrences to them even in New-Gen Malayalam movies, the latest being Neram (Malayalam Version). The film had 2 sequels, the last one being directd by Priyadarshan, all of them being huge hits.

For the past few years many Directors were trying for the 4th part including the original director Sathyan Anthikakdu, Roshan Andrewws etc. But Srinivasan who penned all the 3 films couldn't come up with a complete script. 

Now after months of persuasion from all close quarters Jr.Sreenivasan, Vineeth has reportedly taken up the project. He will take few plot ideas from the script ideas that his father has had for the 4th part, but will be a completely different project to be entirely scripted by Vineeth himself. Presently Vineeth is busy with his next venture 'Thira' a thriller starring his own brother. The film will go on floors some time next year and will be a Onam 2014 release.

Looks like the hopes of many Malayali audiences are finally coming alive, hope this project doesn't get dropped mid-way like the other attempts to make a 4th part to the ever green Investigation-Comedy saga....

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