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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Vishwaroopam - Movie Review from Kerala

Kamal Haasan's Vishwaroopam is a film against Terrorism, against Al-Qaeda and not an anti-Islamic movie as many religious parties claim it to be.

Vishwanathan (Kamal Haasan) is a dance teacher with female traits living in the US and Nirupama (Pooja Kappor) is a his wife, a nuclear oncologist. Nirupama  who considers this as a marriage of convenience hires a private detective so that she can find some reason to get divorced and be with her love, her Boss.
One day the private investigator while following Visu from a Mosque/Muslim payer hall gets killed and  both Visu & Niru gets captured by few members of a terrorist outfit headed by Omar (Rahul Bose) who wants Visu dead desperately.

Who is Visu, why was he in a mosque, what the story between Omar & Visu etc. forms the rest of the story.

The biggest plus point in the film is of-course Kamal Haasan - The director, awriter, Lyricist etc - He, as usual, simply excelled in all departments. For the true fans of the star the movie will be a real treat. Kamal as the Kathak dancer in the first 30 mins was a scream, even the minutest expressions and body movements got people rupturing with cheers and applause. The 'Vishwaroopam' scene that soon follows will make fans scream their thought out [eventhough the action sequences was a bit over the top considering his standards]
His direction wass top class, was able to give the feel of a Hollywood movie, better than any other Indian movie in my opinion. Kamal the director was very well supported buy the D.O.P Sanu Varghese with some breath taking visuals. Editing and BG score also went hand in hand, eventhough i felt the movie could have been little bit more cripier.

Pooja Kumar was very good as Nirupama, got all the expressions even the slightes one correct.Lip sync was almost perfect, kudos to the dubbing artist too. Andreah had a small, cameo like role, so as Shekhar Kapoor.

Rahul Bose was terrifying as Villain in both avatars in the US and Afghanistan.

Kamal could have seeked the hel of somebody while directing the 'US Marine Coprs & FBI in action' sequences. For thos who frequent Hollywood movies, might find it average attempt. The supporting cast from US too were not up to mark.

VFX was average, especially the motion capture used in 'Kamal doing acrobatics' in Afganishtan

The script could have been more tighter, too many unnecessary pause, long shots etc in the film. Its not a start to end thrill ride like Dasavatharam. It gets to documentry mode often in the Afghan episode.

There is no spoon feeding in the film by Kamal, so you have to watch it carefully to understand things more clearly. Don't know how the core-mass audience of TN will receive the film once it releases there.You can find few loop holes in script as well.

Every religion will have good and bad people, in Vishwaroopam we have a Muslim Secret Agent fighting against Alqaeda terrorists. So its a story of Good vs Evil. Learn to see a movie as a movie and don't get too serious.

The Locations US, Canada, Jordan & studios in Chennai, Mumbai have been utilized brilliantly.

The interval scene & climax seemed haste and abrupt and lacks the twist or shock that usually associate with most films now a days.

Verdict: Watchable for Kamal Haasan and the Hollywood like making

Rating 3.25/5

The ending clearly indicates a Vishwaroopam 2 happening in the near future, where the mission shifts to India.

It was an experience to watch a film from Kerala, with the theater full of (about 90-95%) Tamil people, who were fans of Kamal, Rajni, Vijay, Ajith etc.

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