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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Romans - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review


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*ing Niveda Thomas, Vijayaraghavan, Lalu Alex, Kochu Preman, T G Ravi, Shaju...

Music : M Jeyachandran
Script : Y V Rajesh
Cinematography : Vinod Ilampally
Editing : Lijo Paul
Producers : Bijoy Chandran & Arun Gosh
Direction : Boban Samuel


The story is of two escaped convicts accidentally becoming priests in a church in a remote village in Kerala-Tamil Nadu border and the problems they face and the situations they fell into.


The story line of escaped convicts becoming priests is inspired from Robert Deniro Sean Penn starrer 'We're No Angels'. But the similarity ends there. The script has been completely reworked and presented in a supremely entertaining fashion. Kudos to the writer for making use of the hit 'Ordinary' pair of Kunchako & Biju to their very best. The director has packaged in very well, especially in the second half.

The first half deals with the convicts getting accustomed to the village, people and their role as priests is rip roaring fun. Biju Menon with his quirky one liners well supported by Kunchako Boban, just like in 'Ordinary' makes it a superb watch even though bit lengthy.

The second half is in told in a suspense-thriller-horror mode, but unlike Ordinary the comedy content never vanishes, its there throughout the film. The way director handled the suspense part especially the last 30mins is very much commendable, even thougfh it reminds you of 'seniors' here and there.

The film was marketed as the return of Kunchako-Biju hit jodi (we can forget the disaster 101 weddings) and they delivered 150%. The supporting cast was also very good like Nelson (Comedy stars/Spanish Masala fame) Lalu Alex, Kochu Preman and plenty others. The camera was very good and it captured 'Kodaikanal' to the very best. It is bit lengthy, but doesn't drag even for a bit. The 3 songs (1 end credit) are hummable.

Heroine Niveta was a mis cast and the role was also not well written. The story is of mistaken identities which might be a turn off for a few (very few). The film gives a feel of Priyadarshan hit 'Kakkakuyil'. There are also few double meaning dialogues here and there

Anyway its a non-brainer, laughter fest, which is what we expected from the film. May not belong to the class of 'Ordinary' but is sure is far more entertaining IMO

So go with your family, laugh out loud, and have a great time

Rating 3.5/5

Box Office: we might just have the first blockbuster of 2013


Binu Nair said...

Nice comic thriller

The Vibrations said...

nice review, some of the situational comedy and the counter dialogues of biju menon was hilerious.

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