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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fast & Furious 6 - Movie Review


 Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker as Brian O'Conner
Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz
Sung Kang as Han Seoul-Oh:
Luke Evans as Owen Shaw:

Directed by     Justin Lin
Produced by  Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel, Clayton Townsend
Written by     Chris Morgan
Based on Characters by Gary Scott Thompson
Music by     Lucas Vidal
Cinematography     Stephen F. Windon
Editing by  Christian Wagner, Kelly Matsumoto

Studio  Original Film, One Race Films
Distributed by  Universal Pictures
Release date   May 23, 2013
Running time     130 minutes
Budget     $160 million


The film continues from where Fast 5 left off. Hobbs comes to meet Dom, this time not to arrest him but seeking his help in nabbing an international criminal & former Special Forces operative Owen Shaw. Dom who was reluctant at first agrees to the mission when presented with a photo of Letty who was supposedly killed in FF4 [End credits scene in FF5 revealed us that she is alive]. So Dom with his team joins Hobbs in a mission to take down Shaw and know the mystery surrounding Letty and bring he back.

Fast 5 was the best ever movie in the franchise, Fast 6 even though couldn't top that, still is a very much enjoyable fast paced entertainer. Cars, race and high speed chases are the identities of the franchise and the director didn't disappoint us, gave us everything in plenty, but at the cost of logic & sensibility. The Tank scene, initial chase and Jet Plane scene in the climax are the highlights. Kudos to stunt directors and VFX team even though they beat laws of physics many a time.  The script is racy, technical department did a commendable job.

The film offers nothing new. Rock as an antagonist added much to Fast 5 which is missing here. Everything else remains same. Forced humor sadly went overboard & fells flat. Drama scenes seemed bit stretched.

The franchise is moving on like 'SAW' which had 7 parts, each one similar  to one another but with some twist linked to old movies to keep the fan boys interested. Similarly this one also has an end credits scene which ties up the franchise finally to 'Tokyo drift' which was kinda stand alone movie till now. TFTF, 2F2F, FF, FF5, FF6, FFTD, FF7 that's the order in terms of the story line. so FF4-FF6 were prequels to Tokyo Drift. Hope the 7th one will be last one. With that being said the 7th part will be directed by Director of SAW and the film will come out next year in July.And from the credits its sure gonna be awesome and may end up the best one in the franchise and also a possible finale.

Like one character says in the movie - Fast 6 is a Vehicular Warfare !!!

Rating: 3.25/5

Box Office: Smash HIT

Verdict: Leave your brain at home and enjoy this Mass Masala Hollywood Blockbuster  !!!!

NB: Even though Rock might not be a part of the FF7, Jason Statahm fans can rejoice, gear up and very much look forward to its release :wink:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Neram - Hotel California - Bharya Athra Pora - My 3 in 1 Movie Review


Simple story, events happening in the lives of fews people in Chennai city in a day, told in an entertaining manner by Debutant Director Alphonse Puthiren who is also the writer and editor of the film. The simple story told in non-linear pattern, even though common in Mollywood now a days, makes it look complex and exciting. The rusty color tone of the film is suited for a story set in Chennai. Another big plus is the BG score - one of the best works of the year without a doubt. Editing is crisp, and the film is racy under 1hr 50mins run length. Nivin Pauly was good. Nazriya bowled over everyone with cute expressions and acting and is here to stay [Heard that many big shot Telugu producers are waiting for her dates !!]. Shammi Thilakan & Manoj K Jayan rocked in the cameo length roles. Simha, the villain was also good. Its a must watch this summer - Go for it 3.75/5

Hotel California

Watched this movie after reading so many negative reviews, but I personally liked the film very much. A Perfect Priyadarshan type entertainer - Mistaken identities, confusions etc - suited for Adults Only. There is plenty of humor in the film. Even the BG evokes laughter in many scenes. Direction was Okay. Camera & Editing were good, made the film look chick, stylish and trendy.  Biggest plus of the movie is Joju, he rocked big time, the next Biju Menon for sure. Jayasurya never looked better on screen, even though had little to perform, he excelled in whatever he had to do. A non-brainer adult entertainer for the masses, loved it more than Trivandrum Lodge 3.25/5

Bharya Athra Pora

Verutha oru bharya team reunites in this family entertainer. BAP is like VOB reloaded, Jayaram once again plays the husband with some issues. Gopika plays the lovely house wife. They are on the verge of a divorce and something happens to their kid which changes their lives for ever. The film sadly is nowhere near VOB. The saving grace and the factor that holds the film through is Jayaram, he is incredible as the alcoholic school master. Rest of the cast doesn't get much scope. Compared to VOB its low in humor content and high in melo drama. Overall its an Average watch 2.5/5

Nadodikattu Part 4 confirmed for Onam 2014

Two of the most Iconic characters in Malayalam cinema history, Dasan & Vijayan, are coming back, FINALLY!!

Nadodikattu is one of the most loved Malayalam film of all time, where the characters CID Dasan & CID Vijayan appeared for the first time. The characters are so popular that still we can see refrences to them even in New-Gen Malayalam movies, the latest being Neram (Malayalam Version). The film had 2 sequels, the last one being directd by Priyadarshan, all of them being huge hits.

For the past few years many Directors were trying for the 4th part including the original director Sathyan Anthikakdu, Roshan Andrewws etc. But Srinivasan who penned all the 3 films couldn't come up with a complete script. 

Now after months of persuasion from all close quarters Jr.Sreenivasan, Vineeth has reportedly taken up the project. He will take few plot ideas from the script ideas that his father has had for the 4th part, but will be a completely different project to be entirely scripted by Vineeth himself. Presently Vineeth is busy with his next venture 'Thira' a thriller starring his own brother. The film will go on floors some time next year and will be a Onam 2014 release.

Looks like the hopes of many Malayali audiences are finally coming alive, hope this project doesn't get dropped mid-way like the other attempts to make a 4th part to the ever green Investigation-Comedy saga....

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vallatha Pahayan - Movie Review

Vallatha Pahayan Movie Review

 Directed by Niyaz Becker and Razaq Muhammed

Banner: Galaxy Films [Milan Jaleel]

*ing Manikantan Pattambi, Rachana, Vinod Kovoor, Niyaz Becker, Sreekumar, Sneha Sreekumar, Janardhanan, Mamukkoya, KPAC Lalitha, Kochu Preman, Narayankkutty, and Indrans

Writer- Vijayan
Cinematography - Utpal V Nayanar
Music- Bijibal
Art- Sujith Raghav
Editing- Sreejith VT
Costumes- Velayudhan Kizhillam
Make-up- Pradeep Rangan
Associate Director- Shibu Gangadharan
Production Executive- Deepak Kizhumury
Executive Producer- Manoj Menon


Balan (Manikantan Pattambi) is an innocent man who leads a simple life in a village. His wife is Sumithra (Rachana) and they have two kids. Balan's attempts to bulit a new house and the political,social & economical hurdles that he and his family faces, forms the story of Vallatha Pahayan

This is the debut of immensely popular 'Team Marimayam' in Mollywood, as a group [even though most of them have already acted, individually, in various other films]. Being a huge fan of the show & especially Rachana, VP was a not to be missed in my list.

As expected VP is a worth watching family entertainer that Mollywood used to produce in the 80's and 90's. The story is a simple one. The script couldn't rise above average, but its the perfomances of the actors and the subtle humor that makes the film worth watching. The writer has laced the film with enough comic  elements so that it will not be tiring or preachy. But still the film tends to get into over melodramatic mood in the second half.

Its the convincing and honest perfomances of the entire star cast that's the major positive of MP. Manikandan, Rachana & co has done a very good job. After a long time Janardhanan got a good role in VP. 2 songs in the film are passable. Background work is Okay. Direction is pretty average, often reminded soap operas, with some weird close-ups and camera angles. In the hands of a better director the film could have been much better. Editing is good, the film under 2hr 5mins never really lags.

Usually such films will have a character from Dubai, suddenly appearing from no where, near the climax, to solve all the problems of Hero, which is not the case in VP which I liked very much.

The location [Palakkad] is very good as well. So nice to see paddy fields and the good old villages which seems to be extinct in new--gen Malayalam films

Kudos for Galaxy films for investing crores in such a project and experimenting and bringing the hit TV group into the big screen

Overall Vallatha Pahayan is a decent watch for the entire family.

Rating: 2.75/5

Verdict:  Above Average

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mumbai Police - Malayalam Movie Review

Mumbai Police - Malayalam Movie Review

Direction : Roshan Andrews
Producer : Nisad Haneefa 

Cast : Prithviraj, Jayasurya , Rahman, Aparna Nair, Hima Davis, Kunchan, Riyaz Khan...

Story, Screen Play : Bobby & Sanjay
Banner : Nisad Haneefa Productions
Co-Producer : Nivas Haneefa & Niyas Haneefa
DOP : C. Diwakar
Music : Gopi Sunder
Production Controller : Aroma Mohan
Art Director : Cyril Kurivila
Action Director : Allan Amin


Mumbai Police narrates the story of three close friends: City Police Commissioner Faran (Rahman), Mattancherry Assistant Commissioner Aryan John Jacob (Jayasurya) and Ernakulam Assistant Commissioner Antony Moses (Prithviraj). These police officers are a cause of nightmare to the mafia and the underworld of Kochi city. The media calls these fearless and efficient officers Mumbai Police because even though they are in Kochi, they all have some sort of connection with Mumbai. MP is a investigative thriller that also focuses on the life of a Policemen, friendship etc

Mumbai Police is mainly a 'who-dunnit' cop thriller drama. Film begins with Antony revealing the identity of the Killer to some one, but before he could reveal the name of the culprit he gets involved in an accident and suffers temporary memory loss.So Antony has to start everything from the scratch, but this time its not just the identity of the Killer, knowing himself forms an even bigger puzzle.

First of all Kudos to Bobby-Sanjay team for thinking out of the box and coming up with an interesting, engrossing and a new kind of cinema - which definitely deserves a new generation tag because of the story and its treatment and not because the cuss words used or overdose of titillating scenes.

Prithviraj has done a very good job, the 2 contrasting phases of Antony has been brilliantly portrayed. The character goes through tons of emotions and changes throughout the film which he has beautifully played out. Rest of the cast were also good.

 The film maintains its pace through out, it keeps you on edge of the seats till the end. Its a mix of Drama and investigation, so don't look for a fast paced thriller.

Camera, editing works were really good, able to capture the mood of the film perfectly without any lag or uneven jumps/cuts. There are no songs in the film, but Gopi Sundar's BG play an important role in the narration, done again wonderfully by GS.

Direction looked brilliant at places but sloppy in others - so totally it was mixed bag. The climax could evoke mixed reactions and may even cause wave of discussions in online forums and social media, but apart from the logical aspect of the 'REASON' in current scenario it was brilliant from the part of the writers to think out of the box .

For those who expect films like CBI series it may end up as disappointment, but for lovers of cinema it is something to watch out for.

Verdict: Good

Rating: 3.25/5