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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nee Ko Njaa Cha ( Ninnem Kollum Njaanum Chaavum ) - Movie Review

Nee Ko Njaa Cha ( Ninnem Kollum Njaanum Chaavum )



 Sunny Wayne , Poojitha, Rohini Mariam Idicula, Parvathy Nair, Sija Rose, Merin, Shani, sanju, Praveen

Directed By    Gireesh

Written By    Gireesh

Produced By    Sandip Senan & Anish M Thomas



 Nothing, except the title & Sunny Wayne nothing much was exciting enough 



 Story of 3 friends who make a trip to Goa as a relief to one among them who just had a break up after being in the relationship for 3 years. In Goa some unforeseen events takes place and how that changes the lives of the threesome forms the story.

 Nee Ko Njaa Cha belongs to the so called 'new generation' genre. There is no real story to talk about. The script feels lazily written, which is similar to many straigh to DVD rom-com flicks that releases in hollywood every year, with a Bluffmaster kinda twist. 

But the honest performances of all the lead actors makes the film worth a watch, at least for the youth. Sunny Wayne and the new comers have done a great job especially Sajin Rose, Praveen and Sanju.

The Background score by Gopi Sundar was good and rose quite a few laughs at places.

Camera was good & Editing was crisp.

Songs were average.

The film is not for Families, its just aimed at youth, it carries a message too 'Be SAFE and Be Truthful'. I wonder how could CBFC pass the movie with clean U certificate, especially with many foul words left un-muted. 

NKNC is not a boring watch, but not a great one either, if you have nothing else to do go and watch it, IFF you love the so called 'No Gen, no brainers' 

Rating 2.65/5

Just a notch above Average

Box Office - Low budget should ensure profits for all concerned




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