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Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Story of Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu Phone Tapes

Many of the sting operations have been become headlines in the news.  Several media houses have got a success to catch a tape.  This tape describes the ‘Amar Kahanian of Amar Singh’.  Yes we are discussing about political leader Amar Singh.  Amar Singh belongs to Samajwadi Party.  In this CD, there are conversations of Amar Singh and Mulayam Singh. Some more personalities are involves in the conversations.  Bipasha Basu, known as sex queen in Bollywood, also has a conversation with Amar Singh.
Bipasha has refused for this conversation with Amar Singh.  She strongly denied any kind of conversation with Amar Singh on telephone.  According to her all such news are wicked.  She justified by using these words that she believes in professionalism and had never involved in such kinds of controversy.
The CD was sent to Registrar General of Supreme Court and the Home Ministry.  Supreme Court has restricted the broadcast of CD because no authenticity is approved for the conversation.
This conversation was taped in year 2006 and the case was in the court from last five years.  Actually Amar Singh had alleged that Congress is used this tape against his character.  The judgment of court has given a shock to Amar Singh.
The plinth of Justice G. S. Singhvi and Justice S.K. Ganguli had made the judgment for the case on 29 March.  Supreme Court has views that Amar Singh had tried to hide the facts in this case.
But now Supreme Court has allowed the CD to broadcast.  Yet it is not decided that the conversation is authentic or not.  Some of the dialog of conversation between Amar Singh and Bipasha is:

Bipasha:               Hello
Amar Singh:        Hello
Bipasha:               How are you?
Amar Singh:        I am fine.
Bipasha:               We are talking after a long time.
Amar Singh:        Yes
Bipasha:               You were busy or some other reason is there?
Amar Singh:        Who is here?
Bipasha:               I am Bipasha… Bipasha.  I have seen you twice in award functions.
Amar Singh:        Really?
Bipasha:               When will you meet me?  Please tell me.
Amar Singh:        Where you want to meet baby?  I am very busy.
Bipasha:               Busy?
Amar Singh:        It is very tough.
Bipasha:               It is tough.  Ha ha ha…..Ok.
Amar Singh:        But I will try to meet you.
Bipasha:               OK.
Amar Singh:        I am thankful to you that you have remembered me.
Bipasha:               I always remember you.
Amar Singh:        An old person like me.
Bipasha:               Sorry.
Amar Singh:        An old fossil like me….
Bipasha:               An old fossil like you….
Amar Singh:        Yes, yes…
Bipasha:               I don’t think so that the age matters.  Whether the age matters?
Amar Singh:   It matters between the two legs.
Bipasha:          Laughs a lot.  Oh God!   You try to make some time.  We have not met from a one month long.
Amar Singh:    Yes, we will meet.
Bipasha:          OK, keep in touch, bye.