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Friday, March 8, 2013

Lucky Star - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Lucky Star Malayalam Movie Review

 Written & Directed By - Deepu Anthikkad
Produced By- Milan Jaleel
Co.Producer- Nadir Jaleel
Music- Ratheesh Vega
Cinematography- Vijay Ulaganath
Edited By- V.T Sreejith
Exe.Producer- Manoj Menon
Production Designer-Razak
Production Controller- Baburaj Manissery
Stills-Hassif Hakkim
Designs-Antony Stephens


Jayaram, Rachana, Mukesh ,Pooja,Mammokoya etc


The first attraction towards the movie was that it marks the debut of Mini Screen actress Rachana, who became quite popular through 'Marimayam' a weekly comedy sitcom. The Posters, Songs, Trailer etc increased the hype to even greater heights.

The theme of the movie is centered on the life of Ranjith (Jayaram) who aims to become a rich man. To become billionaire, Ranjith foresee two ways; take lottery tickets or to become a movie star.

Falling too short of his dreams, Ranjith meets junior artist Janaki (Rachana Narayanankutty) and their friendship later ends up in marriage. Ranjith and Janaki who were not ready to compromise other than becoming rich thought of another plan. The idea was to think about surrogacy- an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a kid for a different couple or individual. Moving forward with the idea, Ranjith and Janaki meet Dr Joseph Chittilappally, an infertility specialist and share their purpose of visit.

But what they expected didn't carry out as the couple land in trouble finding no way to get rid of it. 

Lucky Star is a complete family film that delivers what it promised. The first half is full of humour, while in the second half the movie turn completely serious. The movie has a Sathyan Anthikkad flavour to it, who is a mentor and great inspiration for Director Deepu

The storyline is similar to the 1989 Mohanlal classic 'Dasharatham', which one of the characters also mentions in the movie. 

Jayaram has made a comeback through Luck star after a small gap. We also got glimpses of the old Mukesh, which sadly was limited just to the first half of the movie. Rachana has made a rocking debut in big screen, may be one of the most talked about/awaited heroine intro in Mollywood in years. Rest of the cast like Pooja Ramachandran [SS Music VJ, actress], Mamukkoya, Amu [Sun TV Anchor, VJ], Sreekumar [Marimayam fame] etc have also done good job.

Cinematographer has done a very good job, even though the DI [I think so] made it look dull in many scenes.  BG and Music was good. Editing was smooth and efficient.

The drastic change from comedy to serious can be a turn off for few people especially the mass, youth audience.  Serial like narration comes in places quite often. The 2nd half could have treated more lightly. The climax is similar to recent Sathyan Anthikadu movies - Haste and Unconvincing/Unsatisfying.

All in all Lucky Star will be a treat for Family audience, after a long gap, I think. 

Go to the theater have a nice time with Lucky and his family 

Rating: 6.25/10

Box Office: - Expecting a Family Hit

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Hashid said...

Very good movie! Watched in Srinivasa, Bangalore last night.
First half is really hilarious! Makes you laugh a lot of times. Second half turns a bit serious. Awesome direction, never takes you away from the movie. Towards the ending, you may find some scenes over-dramatic, just ignore them instead of judging the movie on it. I being a 21 year old liked the movie, so this movie is for youth as well.
Mukesh and Jayaram ive a performance that remind us of their old times. Rachana is excellent too!

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