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Friday, February 1, 2013

David (Tamil) - Exclusive Movie Review


The story revolves around the lives of two David's one played by Jiiva, a Guitarist in Mumbai in 1999 & Vikram a Fisherman in Goa in 2010. The lives of two Davids completely turn upside down due to some events that happen in their life and how it changes their life for ever is the story of David. 

David gives a message that name doesn't matter, its what you are made of, how do face things and live in this world that makes or defines you.

Many were excited with project thanks to the excellent debut film of Bejoy Nambiar, added to that a stellar star cast (Neil Nitin Mukesh is the 3rd David in the Hindi version which doesnt feature in the Tamil Version) and a rocking first look trailer.

But don't go with over expectations, its not unique or path breaking like Shaithan. Its just a normal film told in a different way. The technical detailing got more important than the script i think, other wise it could have easily became an outstanding product.

Film drags here and there, especially in the Goa episode Vikram did a very good job as the 24 hour drunkard, but many of his dialogues were not clear. The portion was shot in Hindi and dubbed to Tamil. Tabu, Isha Sharwani were good in the cameo length role they got.

The only portion shot in Tamil is the Jiiva story (and the very penultimate scene).May be due to that the story felt more engaging and interesting. Jiiva, Sheethal Menon, Naasar did a very good job. Liked the color tone of the film too. Lara Dutta is wasted in an unnecessary cameo.

Music was good, eventhough the Album offers plenty of tracks it has been used efficiently. Camera, BG/RR, Editing were too good. Bejoy Nambiar's the director was successful, but the writer wasn't that much.

So all in all if you go without any expectations chances are there that you might like this 2hr 8min star ride.

Rating 3/5

Verdict: Good 

Box Office: Response of the people were poor, so not expecting a long run

PS: Now eager to watch the Hindi version, heard Neil Nitin has done a terrific job.

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