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Friday, November 30, 2012

Poppins - My Movie Review

Directed by     V. K. Prakash
Produced by     Darshan Ravi
Written by     Jayaprakash Kuloor
Based on     18 Natakangal by
Jayaprakash Kuloor

    Meghana Raj
    Kunchacko Boban
    Nithya Menen
    Ann Augustine
    Shankar Ramakrishnan

Music by     Ratheesh Vegha

    Jomon T. John
    Arun James
    Pradeesh M. Varma

Editing by     Mahesh Narayan
Studio     Dimac Creations
Distributed by     Central Pictures
Release date(s)    

    November 30, 2012

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


The remake of a successful film, an anthology with a sea of stars, VKP after Beautiful & Trivandrum Lodge - All these were more than enough to watch the film FDFS

First things First - out of whatever things were shown in the film, i think the main story was that of a struggling writer waiting for a chance to make his debut in film field as Director & the remaining stories in the anthology consisting of his dreams or scripts or something else, seriously i didn’t understand a horse shit - May be becoz the film is crap or its way above my Intelligent & Entertainment Quotients.

If its a faithful remake i wonder how the original one became success and got much critical acclaim coz nobody in the theater understood what the film was about or what the director or writer meant. It was like watching an unedited raw film. the only time people were interested during the entire run length of 1.45hr was during the 'Saiju Kuruppu' episode and the 'Payasam' episode featuring Kunchako Boban & Nithya Menon.

Positives - liked the performances of Meghna S Raj, Kunchako Boban & Nithya Menon, some locations and sets were good. Camera work too was decent.

Negatives - I think practically everything else. A booklet of what the makers meant should have been distributed.

Christopher Nolan films used to leave viewers puzzled at the end, but VKP beat all of them hands down coz it’s a mystery from the very first scene/episode and still is...hope somebody help me out of the misery explaining everything in IMDB or WIKI.

Rating 1.5/5

Verdict: Waste of time and money

Box Office: Disaster

Final Word:
Must watch for every pseudo intelligent people and saviors of ‘brainy’ films out there - and for those with commonsense , who value their money, please stay away .......

NB: Hope Parle doesn't sue the makers for doing his to their premier sweet brand

PS: I am extremely sorry if you found the review harsh, non-sense etc....

Chettayees - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Shajoon Kariyal
Produced by     Biju Menon
P. Sukumar
Shajoon Kariyal
Suresh Krishna
Written by     Sachi
Starring     Lal
Biju Menon
Suresh Krishna
P. Sukumar
Sunil Babu
Music by     Deepak Dev
Cinematography     Vinod Illampally
Editing by     Bijith Bala
Studio     Thakkaali Films
Release date(s)   

    30 November 2012 (Kerala)

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


The posters, teasers and the unique casting + the super hit song 'eru nottam' had created quite bit of expectations


Story happens over two days and deal with the events that happens when 5 friends get together to celebrate a New Year's Eve.  John (Lal), a lawyer, Kichu (Biju Menon a percussionist), Roopesh (Suresh Krishna, an actor), Bava (P. Sukumar,  chef), and Babumon (Sunil Babu, a government employee) forms the 'Chettayees' gang and Merlin (Miya) Kicchu's wife.

'Chettayees' is pure fun to watch. Eventhough there is no proper storyline it offers plenty of entertainment to the Paisa paying Junta. The chemistry between 'Chettayees' are rocking where each gang member gets ample screen space to perform and deliver their quirky one-liners which are in plenty in the film. Lal leads the wolfpack with his drunken acts and over the top humor. Closely followed by Suresh Krishna, Biju Menon PSukumar and Babumon. Miya has done an incredible job as Merlin, a great outing for a Debutant (I think so, haven't seen her before). To get noticed in a mad film where the male leads are in an outlandish mayhem mood is quite commendable especially for a new comer

The scripting is intelligent funny interesting and entertaining. Direction was good, The 'Eeru nottam' song is the solo song in the film which is already a huge hit. Editing is neat and the film is fast and pacy with no lags with a runtime under 2 hours. Camera was also good, as most of the scenes were inside a flat doesn't have much scope to experiment.

No story, abusive language with cuss words [eventhough muted], nothing much for families can be said as the negatives, only if you want some. Personally I don't mind as long as its entertaining.

All in all 'Chettayees' is a Nice Entertaining watch

Rating 3.25/5

Box Office HIT

Go [with your friends if possible] and have a blast with these chettayees.....

Mammootty's Face 2 Face - Exclusive Movie Review

Face to Face
Directed by     V. M. Vinu
Produced by     M. K. Nassar
Screenplay by     Manoj Payyannoor
Starring     Mammootty
Roma Asrani
Ragini Dwivedi
Music by     Alphonse Joseph
Cinematography     Ajayan Vincent
Editing by     Samjith
Distributed by     Googline Productions
Release date(s)    

    November 30, 2012

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


ZERO - yup had no expectations from the movie after a series of flops that Molywood's Mega Star gave us, but decided to watch it FDFS since it belong to Crime/Thriller genre, one of my Favourite.


Story is about Balachandran (Mammootty) an angry cop who is always fights with people and constantly in suspension. One day a kingpin politician's sun is brutally murdered and crucified. Eventhough under suspension Balan starts his own investigation. Whether he nabs the culprit forms the rest of the story.

The first half was very interesting with plenty of one liners and moving entertainingly at a leisurely pace. Mammootty was in his elements and after a log time seems intrested in te proceedings with his uber cool suspended-cop act. But all hell broke loose in the second half. It is hard to beleive that the same guy wrote the 2nd half. Once again, after JOV, after a promising beginning everything gets ruined in the 2nd half.

If the 2nd half was better the film would have had better prospects at the box office.But now that's highly unlikely.

The supporting cast of Mamookoya, Mani, Siddique, the 4  teenage debutants where good. Heroine Ragini Divedi is a disappointment even in the 2/3 scenes she got

Dialogues were surprisingly good, there are many to please fans.

Songs were Bad. Direction was average, Editing was OK, keeping the run length under 2hr 10mins. BG was avg too.

Not disappointing, because there was no expectations, an average film for normal viewers, Fans can watch it for ikka's perfomance in the first half.

Rating 2.5/5

Box Office Flop

Final Word: So Close Yet SO Far !!!

Movie Review – TALAASH : The Answer Lies Within

Directed by Reema Kagti
Story/Screenplay by Reema Kagti / Zoya Akhtar
Produced by Aamir Khan / Ritesh Sidhwani / Farhan Akhtar
Starring : Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor & Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Review by Sree Prasad Nair

Theater - Abu Dhabi National Cinemas, UAE
29/11/2012 – 8.00 pm
Occupancy - 100% (EXPECTED) 

An Aamir Khan film comes once in 2-3 years. And when it comes, it will be a special treat for all the movie lovers. His last few movies released, even though long back are great examples. Be it Lagaan / Dil Chahta Hai (2001), Rang De Basanti (2006), Taare Zameen Par (2007) & Unbreakable trendsetting blockbuster 3Idiots (2009) Aamir Khan films are exceptional. And his new film Talaash is coming after a long time.
Talaash is directed by Reema Kagti, who debuted as a director with Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd in 2007. And the story-screenplay of Talaash is a combined work from Reema Kagti & Zoya Akthar. Talaash also stars Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Raj Kumar Yadav & Shernaz Patel.
Talaash is the story of Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat played by Aamir Khan and his search for the murderer of a film star in the movie. And this search turns into a life altering chase for him when he is forced to reel under the repercussions of a unsatisfying marriage with his wife played by Rani Mukerji and come face to face with his suppressed grief. Being on his investigational quest and fighting it out with personal struggle, he meets a prostitute played Kareena Kapoor who further adds shades of mystery to the puzzle.
Positives of the film 

Aamir Khan’s acting is top class. His screen presence as a honest cop is phenomenal ditto as the grief-struck father. Rani Mukerji is brilliant in a small role and really convincing as a no-makeup simple unsatisfied wife. Kareena Kapoor does not have much scenes in the first half, but her character is the turning point of the film, especially in the climax. She is charming and very convincing as a prostitute. But the real surprise and the standout performance of the film for me is Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Personally 2012 has been a sensational year for him. PaanSinghTomar,Kahaani, GangsofWasseypur 1&2, Chittagong & now Talaash. A great actor to watch our for!!! RaginiMMs fame Raj Kumar Yadav as AamirKhan’s assistant is confident too.
Another plus point of the film is its music. Ram Sampath’s music is impressive. Jee Le Zaraa is already a chartbuster and the scenes picturised in the same is really soulful and emotional. Cinematography by Mohanan is also good. 

Now Negatives of the film
For me, Talaash is not an ideal film for Aamir Khan after 3Idiots. Many people are going to disappoint with this new Aamir Khan movie. The script is strictly ok but many flaws with a slow pace. Also few scenes in the film are hard to digest and especially the suspense at the climax. Can’t Digest!!!
On The Whole Talaash is a Strictly Average movie(rarely happens with Aamir Khan movies) after a long time. And its targeted for limited audience. Film’s business at Multiplex will be phenomenal especially the weekend. Since its advance booking is great, may cross Rowdy Rathore’s non-holiday record of 15-16crs. But real test will be from Monday onwards as the reports are surely going to be mixed! Don’t think much takers in Single Screens for Talaash & also the chance of a long run (mostly Aamir Movies) is ruled out as two Giant movies are coming in the form of Khiladi786 next week & most anticipated of the year Dabangg2 on Dec21st. 

Verdict : Strictly Average 

P.S : If you are a diehard fan of thriller-suspense, Go and enjoy the movie till climax! If you are looking for entertainment, Talaash is not your cup of Tea! 

Rating – 3/5 (2 for the film & extra 1 for Aamir & Siddiqui’s acting) 

Review by Sree Prasad Nair (

Friday, November 16, 2012

Dulquer Salman's Theevram - Exclusive FDFS Movie Review

Directed by Roopesh Peethambaran
Produced by V. C. Ismayil
Written by Roopesh Peethambaran
Starring Dulquer Salmaan
Shikha Nair
Riya Saira
Music by Roby Abraham
Cinematography Hari Nair
Editing by Kapil Gopalakrishnan
Studio VCI Movies
Distributed by LJ Films
Release date(s)
  • November 16, 2012
Country India


Nothing much was going for the movie as far as I am concerned, except the fact that it stars Dulquer Salmaan and the curiosity that whether he will score hat-trick hits.


The story is about  Harsha Vardhan's (Dulquer) revenge on somebody, due to some reasons. The first half is taking place in present where the revenge happens. The second half is in flash back mode where What, Why When are answered. Maya (Shikha Nair) plays his Wife/Girl Friend. S.I. Alexander, (Sreenivasan)is investigating officer and Vinay fort (Ramachandran) is his assistant. 22FK fame Riya Saira plays the GFs role of Harsha's friend (Don't know his name)


We have seen many revenge stories in the past like Thaazhvaram, Bhramaram nand many recent movies in Tamil. This one belongs to the similar genre. The story is not exciting or surprising. But the presentation and writing (some what) saves the movies, well supported by some good perfomances.

Dulquer is slowly raising his bar, which is evident from his choice of movies and performances. He has done a very good job, especially in the court scene which is one of my favourite scene in the movie. (There is a small teaser of him doing 'stylized' action as well in the film for his fans)

Sreenivasan as cop was good, eventhough many of his TM antics are getting repetitive and failed to evoke much response from the crowd. Viay Fort was very good. Riya saira and the guy who played her friend too was good. Heroine was OK, a known actress could have helped the movie a lot as viewers need to sympathise for the hero for his revenge (and the movie) to be accepted by the audience. here even though Dulquer tried his level best to bridge the gap.

Roopesh Peethambaran's presentation of the story is very good. I Think we got a new promising director in him, writing need to be a bit sharper i think. Camera, BG, Editing were good. One song & one bit song in the movie both of which gels with the movie.

The blue/black dark tint shade given to the movie in DI could be a problem (it was for me) especially in poor screens. In the dark hall, it was bit difficult to watch the movie (2nd half is normal color though). People were asking for torch and to keep the hall lights turned on :-).

Overall its one time watch movie, sans any commercial elements, liked it more than 2nd show though.

Rating: 2.75/5

Not Must watch, but not a disappoinment either

Box Office: should be a above average grosser, Hit if budget is low

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thuppakki - Exclusive Movie Review from Kerala

 Directed by     A. R. Murugadoss
Produced by     Kalaipuli S. Dhanu
Written by     A. R. Murugadoss


Kajal Aggarwal
Vidyut Jamwal

Music by     Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography     Santosh Sivan ASC.ISC
Editing by     A. Sreekar Prasad
Studio     Kalaipuli Films International
Distributed by    Thameens, Cinematheque Through Sri Senthil
    13 November 2012
Running time     165 mins
Country     India
Language     Tamil


Any Vijay film is associated with baggage of huge expectations, especially when he has given hat-trick super hits, all catering to different genres. with AR MUrugadoss at the helms of things expectations only doubles. Harris Jayaraj, Santosh Sivan, Kajal aggarwal also adds to the hype.

Jagadish (Vijay) who is an Indian Army Jawan & his battalion headed by Jayaram comes to Mumbai on leave where he accidentally gets mingled up with a bomb blast. Being at the scene, witnessing the suspected bomber Jagadish decides to investigate further in to the matter. Whether he succeeds in catching the terrorists, whats was the real motive behind his active involvement in the case forms the rest of the story. Nisha (Kajal Aggarwal) is Jagadish's love interest. Sathyan plays (kinda) buddy cop & Vidyut Jamwal the main baddie.

Ever since Kaavalan Vijay has been making an effort to do different kinds of scripts and roles after a short gap of doing many mass masala craps since Pokkiri. Thuppakki is another film in this right pth which will not only will satisfy his fans but also his detractors.

Thuppakki is a well written, intelligent thriller with towering performance by Vijay. The script has ben intelligently crafted by ARM with ample twist and turns and enough clap & whistle worthy moments.The scene leading to interval and climax are edge of the seat and major plus. Vijay's dancing is also good eleventhough there are no jaw dropping steps, which is understandable.

 ARM deserves special accolades for designing Vijay's look in the film. He looked smarter, cool, energetic and different in those cool casuals. The Army cut hair style also stands out and suits him well. All these with the immense energy of Vijay the actor and the persona he carries, its a complete treat for fans.

The other guy who equally impressed in the acting department is Vidyut Jamwal, superb screen presence, every time he was shown on screen claps were ther, after a disappointing outing in Billa 2 he is back again rocking big time.

 Santosh Sivan as usual done a superb job in capturing the fast moving Mumbai. Vijay stand tall in the movie with his cool portrayal of cunning, sharp and dangerous Jagadish. He has underplayed the character beautifully without going for over the top dialogues, mannerism just to please his fans [Thanks to ARM for writing it that way]. Sathya who was believed to be a comic relief gets not much scope even though he is there through out in the movie.infact the scenes b/n Vijay-Kajal raises more laughs. Kajal Aggarwal has done a decent job. Jayaram in a completely un-necessary role, did what he did in many of his recent Tamil films.

The film is not without its share of faults either. The pace is slow in first half, takes time to get in the groove. Songs are not only average, but proves hindrance to the fast moving screenplay. The picturisation of songs also offers nothing new. A Few cuts wouldn't do much harm to the movie, instead ill only help it make better. Some minor logical flaws which ARM should have corrected. Abrupt end to the climax sequence.

A Diwali Gift From Vijay not only to his fans but every Tamil movie lover.

Rating: 3.5/5

Box Office: Super Hit [Has already taken a thunderous, one of the best ever, opening across Kerala with fans shows starting as early as 5:30am]

Verdict: This Thupppakki (Gun) indeed fires and hits Bulls-eye . Go and watch it ... Happy Diwali

NB: Look out for cameo appearance by Santosh Shivan & ARM