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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tezz - My Movie Review

The only thing made me watch 'Tezz' FDFS was the fact that its stars Mohanlal, my all time favorite actor in the whole wide world. On that regard even-though i am disappointed the film is quite an engaging watch.

The story is about Arjun [Ajay Devgan] , who was deported back to India from UK as he didn't had the work permit to work there leaving behind a pregnant wife, who comes back to UK years later to seek revenge. Arjun plans a bomb on London - Glasgow train, an demands 10 million Euros as ransom, with the help of Aadil Khan (Zayed Khan) and Megha (Sameera Reddy). Boman Irani [plays the role of railway traffic controller] &  Arjun Khanna (Anil Kapoor), a retired London counter-terrorism officer tries to save the lives of 500 odd people in the train . Shivan Menon (Mohanlal) is a police officer on board the train who tries to help the  passengers.

The film drew inspiration from several flicks like Speed, Unstoppable etc


Priyadarshan & the entire crew behind the camera, especially the editor, cameraman, stunts choreographer & VFX team

Smartly Written script

is Racy and gives you no time to think

2 superbly choreographed chase sequences featuring Sameera & Zayed respectively

Perfomances of Anil Kapoor & Boman Irani

eventhough there are no chartbusters, the title song and the Raheth Ali Khan number are good


 Continuity problem from one scene to another

not much explanations to scenes- people may keep on wondering why its like that, how it happened etc.

Ajay Devgn & Mohanlal fans will be disappointed

Climax - A Mankatha/Sword fish kinda climax would have done wonders to the film

Laila song 

Back stories not established well

minor VFX & editing mistakes/imperfections

Overall its a Racy thriller, with few very beautifully choreographed action sequences [probably the best  ever in Indian cinema]

Verdict: Good

Box-Office : Average or above


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