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Friday, January 18, 2013

Annum Innum Ennum - Exclusive Movie Review

Annum Innum Ennum

Directed by     Rajesh Nair
Produced by     Usha Rajesh
Written by     Rajesh Nair


Fareisa Joemmanbaks
Tashu Kaushik

Music by     Varun Unni
Cinematography     Prashanth Krishna
Editing by     V SaaJan
Studio     Vaya Films
Release date(s)         18 January 2013 ([1])

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


The Story is about a young couple Sreedhar (Jishnu), a non-practicing Doctor & full time un-successful writer & Anju, a publicist. Annum Innnum Ennum deals with the lives of these two, their problems and many characters they encounter at various stages of lives


The film is a take or modern, nuclear families. Story line is reminiscent of 'Life in a Metro' (may be thats why UTV is the distributor of the film). Much wasn't heard about the movie before release, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Its a sugar coated filmatic representation of  family lives mainly in metros.

The first half is a treat to watch flots of humor, in the second half the movie drags a bit but since the length is just 120 mins its doesn't go to the extend of boredom. Jishnu has given a riveting, knock-out perfomance as the writer suffering 5 year long writers block. The supporting cast also did their part well. Direction, Editing, Camera was OK. BG was good, had a Gopi Sundar hang over to it (Don't know if if he himself did it). There's just one song in the movie comes along with end credits.

The movie also features Late Great Thilakan in a small role. I thnk Venu (Comedy stars fame) dubbed for him, and did a neat job.

Over all its a an entertainer of new gen families with few new gen elements incorporated

Verdict: Above Average - Worth Watch

Box Office: Lack of promotion & noted star cast could affect the movie

Rating: 2.75/5


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