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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bachelor Party - My Movie Review - Extremely Disappointing 1.5/5

Just like all Amal Neerad films tremendous hype was associated with bachelor party too -- which reached immeasurable heights thanks to the trailer, posters and chart-buster song 'Kapa Puzhuukku'. But like always this one too bits the dust thanks to a faulty script and an absence of good [at-least watchable] story. All Amal's previous films were watchable, but this one beats everything and is just shear torture.

Its the story of 5 childhood friends who when end up turned up in the opposite sides, Kalabhavan Mani & Vinayakan is in search of Asif Ali who is living happily with wife (Nithya Menon) & a kid with the help of Indrajith & Rahman in a hill station. Instead of killling his best friend a Mani decides to join with Asif and turn the table on their boss (John Vijay). What happens next, who will win forms the rest of the story (?).

Amal Neerad hasn't learned a thing from his past experiences, in fact its grown worse, only this time he himself is the producer [co-produced by some Jayasurya]. To say the truth was expecting a watchable stylish entertainer in BP, he even failed to deliver that. 

Even the all hyped came of Prithviraj turned out to be damn squib, was just like an extension of his tarzan antony avatar from Hero for an unnecessary fight scene [only]

The first half began interestingly with lot of quirky [double meaning] one-liners by Rahman & Indrajith but after Mani's into the script writer looks like ran out of stock. The film crashed from that point like a pack of cards.


1. On-liners
2. camera
3. BG
5. Kappa Puzhukku song[not the visuals]
6. Indrajith Rahman Asif


Everything else - even in 2hrs the movie drags like anything. a 15 min story told in 2hrs with 30mins of slow motions. 

Even if u plan to watch the movie please don't take ladies or kids to anywhere near the theater, the movie is violent, lot of double meaning, cuss words


RATING 1.5/5


PS: Completely exhausted after watching the movie, so the review may be filled with errors, please bear with me and don't write a review on my review !!!

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