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Friday, January 11, 2013

Alex Pandian - Exclusive Movie Review from Kerala

Direction & Screenplay: Suraj
Production: Studio Green
Cinematography: Saravanan
Starring : Karthi,Santanam,Anushka, Sanusha, Nikitha
Music : Devisree Prasad
Release by Studio Green (Tamil Nadu)
Beebah & Sayoojyam (Kerala)


Had a mixed bag of emotions regarding this project. The Title and the first look poster gave immense hope till the fisrt teaser/trailer was released where everything came crashing down. But Studio Green was able to cover the lost ground/expectations with the Bad Boy video and other song videos and promos.


The story is of Alex Pandian (Karthi) & Anushka, who plays CM's daughter, and  a series of goons who are searching for them. Who is Alex, why are the goons searching for them, how did Alex end up at Santhanam's house etc etc forms the story.

Like any Tamil hero few films after Karthi too tried to get into the big league, and in Kollywood the shorcut is by doing mass masala entertainers. The main aim of Studio Green was to tap Karthhi's unseen mass image and make some moolah, but unfortunately it didn't work. The main culprit here is the Suraj the director, who also wrote the script.

Searching for a story in such film are considered huge crime, but in AP the most important part of any film, ie the script, is missing. The director has just followed the tried tested and already worn out formula of mass films of 90's. AP is just a of chain Humour-Action-Song sequences in a constant loop till the climax which makes the audience cringe in their seats.

Karthi as a mass hero tried his level best, but even for a fan like me it wasn't entertaining or encouraging. The half baked script and aimless direction could be blamed for this fiasco, coz even in Sakuni I liked Karthi. His Comic sense is as always terrific, action was just ok, but needs to improve dancing skills immediately (even Anushka looked super dancer in front of him.)
Anushka just repats what she has done in a dozen Telugu/Tamil movies, few scenes, 2 songs - just eye candy stuff.

The saving grace is Santhanam, but even the scenes involving him and Karthi and the '3 sisters' are over used and it feel like you are watching a comedy soap opera and not a feature film.

The first half is full of these so called gags, then comes the silly Interval twist and. In 2nd half it gets to the flash back mode and in the climax the hero beats up every single goon that remained after 1st half and flash back and lives  happily ever after.

Hope A.Raja & Venkat Prabh gives back us the Karthi that we all want to see

Verdict 2/5


Final Word - Alex Pandian is a Crap Masala Boretainer, a Full-On Yawn Fest !!!

PS: Still searching for a reason to watch it ? then go watch it for the humor and humor only ....

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