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Friday, January 25, 2013

Kammath & Kammath - Movie Review


Any multistarrer is associated with the baggage of huge excpectations and no exceptions here as well. The songs posters and trailers were well received by public.


Story is of Kammath brothers and things that happen with following the inaguartion of a restaurant in Palakkad.
Mammootty plays big brother Kammath, Raja Raja Kammath. Dileep plays Deva Raja Kammath. Rima Kallingal is the Palakkad muncipal commissioner and Karthika is her sister. The film is about Kammaths involvement with the sisters and the problems that accompany them. Narain is there in a cameo role. Baburaj plays the faithful assistant of the Kammaths in a full length role.


First things first, the review is based on the fact that the movie was promoted as a mass movie, so the review will also be  written with that aspect in mind.

The movie is a half baked, non-mass entertainer. The biggest crime reggarding KnK was promoting it as a MASS movie, when its not even remotely close enough to be called one. Its a film intended to be mass but failed miserably at the direction and script side.

The movie had a decent start with titles showing history of Konkini people and the flash back story of Kammath's. The into with Dileep also gave a feel that we might have the second hit of the year. But there after there is nothing in the film noteworthy.

The Story is as i explained above not interesting at all. But the script also failed to give the film a much needed lifeline. Dileep excelled as Kammath ans was a treat to watch. Baburaj, surprisingly, came 2nd in terms of impact with an absolute mass portrayal, with punchlines and actions (as Mammooty most of the time relaxed on top of his car in action scenes). Mammooty couldn't match upto Dileep (whoi looked comfirtable) in dialogue delivery, for most parts of the film. most of the comedy action scenes that he should have done was done by his side-kick Baburaj. Other than that Ikka did a good job, but remember its a Mass Masala Multi starrer.

The two heroines had some what lengthy role and they did a decent job. Narein's cameo was laughable. [Even more laughbale is the fat that even he was portrayed more massy way than Ikka].

Dhanush's cameo was completely un-necessary, he had no clue what was doing, he was reportedly paid 2crore for this [total expense] and it prooved to be a damb squib.

The songs in the film are hummable. Gopi sundar for the first time disappointed as BG scorer. Camera, direction was avg [should take tips from Vysakh immediately]. Editing was bad, ruined most of the scenes.

The first film of director Thomson was a hit eventhough critics thrashed it, but it was a full on Dileep-suraj show, here due to the constraints of multi starrer, he gets limited scope to save this movie.

But this doesnt mean that its a completely unwatchable flick. Its an avg watch, with full on DejaVu sequences that you can watch, with out getting bored for most of its run time

A Mass less Mass Entertainer

Verdict -- A generous Average tag

Rating 2.5/5

Box Office - If not for the 4.75cr payed by Mazhavil Manorama for satellite rights, this would have been a big disaster budgeted at close to 9crore


Anonymous said...
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Nature said...

When i reading 1st part of the review iam dissappointed. later i realised that the reviewer is a "big fat Lal" fan that's why he is downgraded ikka's perfomance. Nee poda pulle.. poyi manalu vaaru..The movie and Mammookka surely doing well. Ikka ki jai...

Unknown said...

oh god...its not just him...there are other reviewers saying the same thing...Abusing someone by calling him "Fat" is just not matter who that person is...

jinin mukundhan said...

this is a fake review.... superb movie.... kammath brothers rocks.... very entertaining, tension free movie

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