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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ustad Hotel - Exclusive Movie Review 3.25/5

Directed by     Anwar Rasheed

Produced by     Listin Stephen

Story , Screenplay by     Anjali Menon

Starring     Dulquar Salman, Bhagath Manuel, Nithya Menon, Thilakan

Music by     Gopi Sunder

Cinematography     S.Lokanathan

Editing by     Mahesh Narayanan

Studio     Magic Frames

Distributed by     Central Pictures

Release date(s)     29 June 2012

Country     India

Language     Malayalam


Anjali Menon's 3rd outing as writer after 2 brilliant stuffs [Manjadikkuru, Happy Journey in Kerala Cafe], Anwar Rasheed's next after an outstanding 'Bridge' [Kerala Cafe],  Mammootty's Son Dulquer Salman's 2nd film & the chart buster song 'Appangalembadum' [for me  an added attraction - Nithya Menon as heroine] - What more you need to have interest in one project. Was eagerly waiting from the moment the first look poster was launched.

Ustad Hotel is the story of Faizi [Dulquer Salman] and how few days with his grandfather Mosaakka [Thilakan] & Ustad Hotel changes his life for ever

Its a plain coming of story of  a youngster, how he understands the value of life, relatives etc.

The first thing that comes to my mind after watching the film is the BG [first time i am seeing claps for just the BG], Gopi Sunder has done a terrific job. Direction by Anwar Rasheed is of top class. Camera work is too good & treat to your eyes, Calicut has never been presented this beautifully. Anjali Menon as a writes has done a neat job, even-though it looses some grip in the second half, where the movie tend to be bit preachy and has a documentary feel. Perfomance of Thilakan stands out, good to see Maamookkoya in a lengthy role [in a commercial film] after a long gap. Dulquer was good, the role was not that demanding, he just had to be himself a happy go lucky guy. Nithya Menon looked fresh in a small role.

The first half is very good while the 2nd half a tad above average. Should be a pleasant watch for everyone, despite few shot comings.

Comparing with Happy Journey, Manjadikkuru [Anjali Menon] & Bridge [Anwar Rasheed] the movie may fall well short of expectations.


Background score
'Appangalembadum' [Huge Applause for the song]
Rocking 1st half 
'Kozhikkodan FOOD'



Second half
Slow & dragging in parts - feel lengthy
The huge expectations
Other Songs 


Even though the film couldn't meet the huge baggage of expectations it carry, Ustad Hotel is still a pleasant watch.



Box Office 

Hit / Above 

“Every Sulaimani needs a bit of Mohabbat in it.” & this film is full of  'Mohabbat'- Go watch it, but let me warn you not in an empty stomach !!!

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