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Friday, April 5, 2013

Immanuel - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

Immanuel - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Lal Jose
Produced by     S. George
Screenplay by     A.C. Vijeesh
Story by     Pradeep Nair
Music by     Afzal Yusuf
Distributed by     Play House
Release date(s)     5 April 2013
Country     India
Language     Malayalam


    Mammootty as Emmanuel
    Fahadh Faasil as Jeevan Raj
    Reenu Mathews as Annie
    Devi Ajith
    Aparna Nair
    Salim Kumar
    Guinness Pakru as Kavi Shivan


Immanuel is the story of Immaneul who tries to cope up with MNC Insurance company and the New Gen wok ethics after the press publishing firm that he worked went broke.


First things first- Immanuel is Mammootty's best outing since Best Actor which came 2 years ago. Its a typical straight forward feel good family entertainer without much gimmicks or masala. The Story is nothing revolutionary or unique. The story one-line has distant some with Rocket Singh - Salesman of the year.

Its a simple screen play beautifuly narated by Director Lal Jose, eventhough its no where near to his previous films. The surrounding of an MNC, especially an Insurance company is new to Malayali audience. The frauds, in-humane rules, fight for meeting the target has been explained in the film.

Apart from this there is a sense of Dejavu in most parts. Each & every turn that comes along are predictable. We have seen many stories of such Golden hearted Hero before, all elements find in thos movies can be find here too. But nothing appear forced or fake unlike Bavooty. The film belong to the Sathyan Anthikadu brand of feel good family dramas, but he only thing is that Immanuel is low in humor content. The movie drags here and there.

Mammooty has beautifully underplayed the role of man with Golden heart. There was nothing challenging in for him. He just needed to comedown from the over the top characters of his past few films and he did that efficiently. In an extended cameo as the main antagonist Fahadh Faasil simply rocked. Reenu Mathews has made a confident debut. The supporting cast are also good.

Songs are good, even though there was no need of the Carol song. The Background score is very good. Camera and Editing are beautiful.

Sukumari in a cameo role makes everyone's eyes wet. The claps that people gave for her is the the testimony of  what a great loss her death will be for us.

Family Audience will love this movie for sure. And for those who doesn't watch too many foreign language films this one will definitely be worth a watch.



Box Office - HIT

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