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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Spirit - My Movie Review - A New GEM Movie 3.25/5


Directed by  Ranjith

Produced by Antony Perumbavoor

Written by Ranjith


Mohanlal, Kanika, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu

Music by Shahabas Aman

Cinematography Venu ISC

Editing by Vijai Shankar

Studio Aashirvad Cinemas

Distributed by Maxlab Entertainments, Trinity Cinemas Release

Release date(s) 14 June 2012

Language Malayalam

After 5 years the biggest crowd puller combo of Malayalam cinema, Mohanlal-Ranjith, unites via Spirit. Even though the last couple of movies these two united where disasters Spirit had generated lot of curiosity & excitement thanks to Ranjith's last few films [Kayyoppu, Thirakadha, Paleri Manickyam, Pranchiyettan, Indian Ruppee] - The daring attempt to break free from the shackles of commercial cinema frame work & tell meaningful stories were evident in all these flicks, so Malayalam movie lovers were expecting a treat and their wish is granted to a larger extend via Spirit

Spirit is the story of Raghunandan [Mohanlal]. He is a severe alcoholic & people call him 'lotus' coz he is always 'drunk'. His wife [Kaniha] divorced him due to this & married Alex [Shankar Ramakrishnan], but the 3 still remain good friends. How certain incidents in his life change the attitude towards life & drinking is the crux of the story.

The film rests on the broad shoulders of acting genius Mohanlal & he has done an outstanding job as the drunkard Raghhunandan [We already know that nobody can beat him in the Drunken act in the whole wide world]. But its not just a one man show there all the supporting cast were impressive and all of them got claps in one or more scenes. Shankar Ramakrishnan has made an impressive debut , thanks Ranjith for finding the actor in the talented writer/director, he has done full jsutice to the rule which i believe was to be done by Prakashraj at the begining.

Nandu as another 'lotus' Maniyan, Lena as DYSP, Kaniha, Sidarth Bharathan, Thilakan [in a small role] several unknown artists [sorry for my ignorence] from the theater field - all were excellent.

Ranjith as a script writer has once again come out with flying colors. A laudable eefort considering the social message involved. Its not preachy, not a documentry a fairly entertaining 2hr 20min long flick which all Malayalees, who keep on breaking records at BEVCO counters during each X.mas & Onam season, should watch

Had some confusions and doubts regarding the promos [attached below] they released before the release, but after watching the movie i think it was brilliant - its a well executed preview/teaser of the entire movie.


3.Social Message
4. Perfomances of all others
5. Script
6.non preachy


1. Slow, drags at places, not as entertaining aws Pranchi or Indian rupee
2. Direction, is not Ranjith's cup of tea
3. The baggage of all the mass film the lal-Ranjith combo has done before
4. need some trimming here and there

A New-GEM movie which everyone needs to watch & applaud - Thanks Ranjith, Mohanlal & Aashirvaad for a wonderful movie


BOx Office - The movie has taken a thunderous opening throughout Kerala, which was unheard of  for such movies, hope the trend continues & the movie becomes a safe venture

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