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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'Three' - My 'KOlaveri' Movie Review - Why I Fell in Love With It

Theatre: Perinthalmanna - Preethi Chithralaya 
Status : 80% [First Show]

For me the kolaveri had literally died down , plus the sudden unpublicized release of movie made me not much interested in watching the film FDFS like i usally do for good, hyped movies. But ever since the reviews started coming in eventhough mixed i wanted to watch the movie, and at the end of it all i think it was a good decision

'3' refers to the the three stages in the lives of Ram [Dhanush] and Janani [Shruthi Hassan] - School, College & Post marriage]

The Movie begins itself with a complete shocker, Ram in a casket ! Bang on target with the very first visual.
Then comes the light hear-ted breezy romantic tale of Ram & Janani, the part every one unanimously liked in the movie. Most of those scenes were screamer, performed exceedingly well by Dhanush and Shruthi and not to forget Ram's side kick  Kumaran [Sivakarthikeyan]. The second stage deals with the two getting married and starting to get a life. The 3rd part coming in the second half deals with life after marriage and the turn of events which leads to Dhanush Committing suicide.

1. Direction - Excellent Debut, know what she was making, did'nt try to infuse the usual masala ingredients, also didn't try to spoon feed the audience [which is what i liked the most]

2. Perfomances of Dhanush [who proves that the national award wasn't a fluke or a one time wonder] & Shruthi Hassan [impoved a lot, excelled in most of the scenes except 'emotional outbursts]

3. Music - 'Kolaveri' took away all the lime light from the album which comprises of few of the best tracks of 2011-12

4. BG - Excellent

5. Camera & Editing

6. The 2nd half was very well written and convincing

7.The social message it conveys

8. The way they used the success of 'Kolaveri' song for Brand placements & Promotions without providing a hindrance to the viewers.


1. Few scenes in which diff characters emotionally bursts out where over performed i guess, esp shruthi hassan who failed miserably in such scenes, its high time she learned the act of underplaying such scenes from her DAD who is a master in that

2. Similarities with 'Mayakkam Ena' [the story, senthil character and even the horrible way the heroines perform during emotional scenes]

All in all a wonderful film, a film one should never miss watching in theaters, preferably watch it alone or with your better half.

Its Emotional, its heart breaking, its ligh hearted, it conveys a message - What more do u want !!!

Rating: 7.5/10

Verdict: Just Go and watch it

Box Office: Should be a Super Hit

Ps. Please forgive all the typos and grammatical errors ....Thank you very much for Reading

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