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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Avengers - My Movie Review - 'Go Smash It' 4/5

Theatre: PVS Film City - Sapphire Active 3D screen

Finally saw the much awaited Marvel’s summer mega super hero bonanza ‘The avengers’ [1 week before its US release].  With small teasers of movie inserted into every marvel universe super hero movie since Ironman 1 the movie has generated considerable amount of curiosity & hype, before the shooting even began [Those who hasn’t seen or even heard about Ironman, Thor, Captain America & Hulk, I request you to watch it before you buy a ticket for this ultimate superhero multi starrer show down. 

Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson), director of S.H.I.E.L.D [Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division] reactivates the Avengers Initiative as  Norse god Loki (Tom Hiddleston) steps through to Earth with the help of Tesseract, an energy source of unknown potential &  allied with the alien race the Chitaurii  to conquer Earth. 

The First half is basically about finding all the members of the avenger’s initiative, assembling them and making them work together. The 2nd half involving the 30 min long climax deals with whether the avengers will be able to co-exist and save our planet from Loki.

Favourite Scenes

All scenes involving Tony Stark
Last 10-20 mins where Hulk SMASHES everything
Fight sequence between Black Widow & Hawk-eye
3D in the outer space scenes & the SHIELD Headquarters  breaking down scene


1.       Superb Direction & Screen play by Joss Whedon  – a perfect blend of action, humor, heroism and everything else than one expect from a superhero movie
2.       VFX – Super cool animation works, lots of jaw dropping moments
3.       Performances – All heroes gets almost equal importance in the film, even though its Hulk & Tony Stark/Ironman who walks away with most of the applause & whistles.  In fact it’s the quirky one liners of Tony Stark that makes the first half, with comparatively less action, more interesting. But towards the end of the movie especially the last 10-15 minutes its Hulk who steals the show & gets thunderous non-stop claps
4.       3D work is good, but not that great, tried to give detailing & depth to most of the scenes, but the film lacks eye-popping 3D effects. But there are certain awesome effects for you 3D lovers
5.       Is Fast paced, no time to think or relax
6.       Unlike transformers which also dealt with similar theme, this one has a Soul, backed up by outstanding script, dialogues, performance etc.


1.       Can’t wait 2/3/4 years to watch avengers 2, hopefully  the good work will be kept up in  Ironman3, Thor 2 & Captain America 2 which acts as prequels to Avengers 2
2.       3D proved to be gimmicky, just like all other Hollywood movies

Must watch for all Hollywood , super hero, action  movie buffs 



Box Office
Just like Hulk, it has already started smashing records worldwide, when it releases in the US next week expecting a Box Office Tsunami


Spoiler:  Like all Pre avenger movies, this one also has a small end credit scene, where the Chitauri leader tells his shadowy master that attacking Earth "would be to court death". The master turns to reveal himself as Thanos and smiles


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