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Friday, October 12, 2012

Suriya's Maattrraan - Exclusive Movie Review From Kerala

Directed by     K. V. Anand
Produced by     Kalpathi S. Aghoram
Written by     K. V. Anand, Subha

Kajal Aggarwal
Sachin Khedekar

Music by     Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography     S. Sounder Rajan
Editing by     Anthony
Studio     AGS Entertainment
Distributed by     Eros International[1]
Thameen Movies (Kerala) [2]
Gemini Film Circuit (Overseas)
Release date(s)     12 October 2012
Running time     168 minutes 
Country     India
Language     Tamil


KV Anand after 'KO', Suriya in double role, Kajal Aggarwal etc made me watch the film FDFS. But still expectation were on the lower side due to some negative reports which i got a couple of months back. So lets see how the 'Conjoined' twins movie finally turned out 'FOR ME'


Suriya plays Vimalan and Agellan, the conjoined twins, son(s) of Sachin Khedekar, owner of multi-million dollar worth children food company, and  Tara. Kajal Aggarwal is the girl they meet at a company function and both Suriya fall in love with. 'Volga' (played by an unknown Russian artist) is here investigating about various aspects of the company, for unknown reasons. Soon different people starts dying, most of them related to the food product company somehow. The rest of the story deal with how the mysteries of these deaths and their link with the 'food products' and Russians unraveled.

Story Evaluation

The movie had a good first half with some nice moments between twins, with Kajal etc. Liked the way the mystery angle was also told side by side. Interval twist was expected. Second half is where the movies loses its plot. Director/Writer tried a mix of too many genres in one, but having too many half cooked food items together will onlt spoil you stomach. The last 45mins the film nosedives with a silly climax. The Thriller becomes predictable too early into the movie which is also a big minus. Since i have zero knowledge in Zoology or anatomy or medical science i am not talking much about various 'logic' aspects which i felt sceptical

Other Aspects

As twins Suriya has given a very good performance, but the scope to extra-ordinary things were sadly not there in the film. Sachin & Tara also did great job, Kajal was average. KV Anand did a decent job on presenting a half baked script neatly. Cinematography was pleasing. The movie needs bit of trimming immediately, over runs by about 20mins. Music was average and the picturisation reminded of songs from KO. 'Kalmulaitha' looked similar to 'Illeana' from 'Nanban'as and as always KVA adds this avg song in the most unwanted place when it was already dragging big time.

The Motion Capture looked shady and VFX looked rushed, could see the actual person behind in many sequences, but since its first of its kind can be excused. Dialogues of Suriya were unclear in many sequences in first half, so as the dialogues of Kajal Translating Russian in 2nd half.

Overall its an over cooked & over sized meal, would have preferred a single plate meals instead


Fans 3/5
Neutral 2.5/5

Box Office - Made in a huge budget, Eventhough they have done carpet bombing lack of festive season and avg WOM could affect the movie. Also the movie has been sold for record prices in all areas, so distributors are tend to loose money outside Tamil Nadu for Sure

One Time Watchable, Above Average Entertainer

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