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Friday, October 19, 2012

Jawan of Vellimala - Exclusive Movie Review

Directed by    Anoop Kannan
Produced by    Playhouse
Written by    James Albert


Mamta Mohandas
Asif Ali

Music by    Bijibal
Cinematography    Satheesh Kurup
Studio    Playhouse
Distributed by    Playhouse
Release date(s)    19 October 2012
Country    India
Language    Malayalam


Expectations were huge from the moment the first look poster was launched. The writer is well known for giving intelligent entertainers giving a mystery/thriller feel to it. Also the Trailer, teasers, songs were interesting too.


The story of Jawan of Vellimala revolves around a village called Vellimala , a dam, the people living there & Gopi Krishan (Mammootty) X-Military who is the pump operator in Vellimala Dam. Varghese (Sreenivasan) is a government employee at the Dam site and Koshi Oommen (asif Ali), another character reaches there for some personal need. Mamta Mohandas plays the role of a project officer at the Dam site. The story reveals the incidents happenning when these characters and the villagers meet together. The strange encounters GK had to face in the village, with some mysterious events happening around the dam forms the basic plot of JOV. How GK solves all the mystery and prove that he is 'brave' and a true jawan is the rest of the story


Another movie with over expetations fails to deliver. A movie which was said to be a thriller never thrills you, nor does Gopi Krishnan's plight makes you root for him. It is yet another half baked script by James Albert. The movie is not completely uwatchable either, it has its moments but provided by the supporting cast. The lead role played by Mammootty gets sidelined for mos ot\f the run time. Eventhough he gets his bit in the second half the damage was already done. Sreenivasan, Baburaj etc do provide quite few laughs. Mamta is wasted in an unsignificant role. Asif gets better scenes in the film, and as always he gives an average perfomance. Dialogues were good, but most of them mouthed by un-important characters, especialy the old man remembering the construction of dam.

Mammooty got a half baked role, so its not fair to blame him. He tried to overcome the short comings in the writing but didn't succees, the movie has a watchable first half, but its the second half especially the climax that ruins the party.

Direction was good. Music & BG were nice. Camera was top notch. Script is what fails the movie, and fails in the most important aspects ....

Looks like the long wait for Mammootty and his fans for an elusive hit will continue....

Verdict: Aerage

A Very Generous 2.5/5

With a budget of 6 crores, this one should be another flop for Mammooty & JAmes Albert

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