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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When SRK film needed Salman Khan's Help

Two of the most awaited film of the year are from Yashraj Films and starred two of the countries biggest  super stars - Ek Tha Tiger [ETT] & the yet untitled 'Yash Chopra Romance [YCR]'. While Ek Tha Tiger released worldwide in a record breaking 3800+ screens on August 15th and broke all the existing opening records as expected.

The SRK film was planned as a Diwali 2012 release long before the shooting began as Diwali is synonymous with SRK as EID is with Salman Khan. Just like a solo release for ETT Yashraj expected a solo release for YCR as well ans was casual as far as the promotions were concerned. But it was then Ajay Devgan dropped a bomb shell along with the first look posters of Son of Sardar that they too are coming this Diwali. But no body took it seriously then until they released the full theatrical trailer 4 months in advance. The problems multiplied as the trailer was liked by one and all & is in the lines of typical Bollywood action comedy mass masala which are doing wonders now at the Box Office.

This made Yashraj to consider the threat as serious and there was panick among every one regarding the clash of 2 big films, both distributed by industry giants Eros & Yashraj. It was sure that theater owners would give equal screen space to both the films after this, so after sessions of brain storming they decided to play the trump card- 'Ek tha tiger'. All screens who want to play 'Ek tha tiger' should also ensure same amount of screen space for YCR as well. But still the theater owners weren't sure about the project as nobody knew nothing about the film apart from regular netizens. Thats when YRF suddenly decided to come up with a teaser to be attached to 'Ek Tha Tiger' Bollywood's biggest release ever to give it the widest reach even at places where there are no internet or computers. Remember Salman refused to add trailer with ready and Don2 teaser with Bodyguard last year but here YRF had a bit of control in matters, so a roughly edited teaser was attached to the film and released online with just 30 seconds of films footage in the 1:30 min trailer.

Salman Has always been there to help his friends, did cameo roles in KKHH, OSO, Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam etc, allowed promotion in Bigg Boss 5 & now helps to indirectly market & release YCR [remeber in a Salman film the last word is always his] , but SRK hasnever ever returned the favour, atleast nothing visible to public eye. so i think its high time SRK returns the favour to some of his well wishers.

NOW Regarding YCR - SOS Situation

As i said the main intention was to inform everyone that the SRK film is indeed coming this Diwali November 13 rather than releasing a teaser. So if SRK fil is confirmed for Diwali & with the un-written agreement in place theaters will have to give more screen space to YCR, which puts Eros & Son of Sardar in trouble. As per different trade reports SOS could be getting only 30% of screens as the remaining 70% will be occupied by YCR which could go up once the trailer & osngs are out, after all it has big names like SRK, Yash Chopra, AR Rahman, Karina Kaif going for it.

In the past whenever a big film collided with a SRK starrer in Diwali it bit the dust -eg: Don/Jaaneman OSO/Saawariya. so it will be an interesting scenario as what will happen Nov 13 2012 as EROS confirmed [as if now] that they have no intention to back down] 

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