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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger - A Mallu's Movie Review from UAE [Exclusive]

 Ek Tha Tiger - External Movie Review,  by Sree Prasad Nair

                                              Abu Dhabi National Cinemas, UAE

A Salman Khan film is always special. Be it his fight sequences, his witty one-liners, his dance moves, his punching dialogues & ofcourse his good looks, he is the darling of mases.  And Salman is at an all time high delivering 3 back to back 100cr blockbusters in a row (Dabangg, Ready & Bodyguard) his much awaited new film Ek Tha Tiger released today on August 15th 2012. No wonder Salman Khan fans celebrating today as Happy Salman Khan Day/Ek Tha Tiger Day. Being in this industry for 22+yrs, Salman Khan never worked under Yash Raj Productions. So of course the expectations will be high. With Salman’s ex-girlfriend turned good friend, Katrina Kaif as his heroine and directed by Kabir Khan (Kabul Express, NewYork) Sky is the target for this movie. The common question in the industry is will Salman be able to deliver  his 4th blockbuster in a row ? Will Ek Tha Tiger cross 3Idiots collection of 200cr+(only film so far) ? What’s the final verdict ? For me Ek Tha Tiger is neither class nor mass, neither good nor bad,  many positives and many negatives… Still I would say Ek Tha Tiger will be Salman’s 4th blockbuster(may even cross 200cr) in a row.

Ek Tha Tiger is a romantic thriller that revolves around the story of a Trinity College scientist, suspected of selling missile technology secrets to Pakistan. The Indian government sends a secret agent, Avinash Singh Rathore(code-named Tiger & mission-named Manish Chandra) played by Salman Khan to find out about the professor's activities. Tiger gradually falls in love with the professor's caretaker Zoya played by Katrina Kaif, who is studying at a fictional dance academy. The film engages you strongly with several twists and turns. What happens next? Will Tiger gain victory in his mission or will love take an upper hand? Katrina conceals her real identity behind her barbie doll face. What's that? Will that endanger Tiger's mission?

Let’s talk about the negatives of the film first : The masala factor that we always see in a Salman Khan film is highly missing and the actor who is always a charmer looks tired here. No punching dialogues & one-liners unlike Dabangg.  The screenplay of Ek Tha Tiger is nowhere near to Kabir Khan’s earlier films Kabul Express & New York. Music by Sohail Sen is average (except the hit number Masha Allah composed by Sajid-Wajid) and choreography of Vaibhavi Merchant is surprisingly boring. Some action scenes gone over the top especially in the climax.

Now the positives : If Sachin Tendulkar is God of Cricket & Michael Jackson is God of Dance, then Salman Khan is the God of Bollywood… Yes only Salman Khan can pull of this role TIGER! No wonder why story writer Aditya Chopra approached Salman Khan ahead of Shahrukh Khan for this role. His introduction scene & the stunts followed by then are electrifying. His expressions be it the funny ‘Doordarshan - Zee’ scene or in the emotional scene where he says ‘We should have the courage to follow our heart’ is superb. Katrina looks drop-dead-gorgeous. She acted really well and her action scenes are superb. She will be appreciated for her improvised Hindi accent too.  Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad are good in their roles. Special credit should go to Aseem Mishra, for his never seen beautiful cinematography. Hit number Masha Allah is already a rage and is another superhit music from Sajid-Wajid. Direction by Kabir Khan is good so are the stunts.

On the whole Ek Tha Tiger is an above average Salman Khan starrer which is surely turning out to be his 4th 100cr blockbuster for Salman Khan and the first ever for Yash Raj Banners! Yes Yash Raj films finally need Salman Khan to enter into the 100cr league…, Excuse SRK fans…!!!

At the B.O the film already opened extraordinarly & 30cr according to early estimates trends. It will get benefited from the extended week and is going to throw some extraordinary numbers…

Yes don’t get surprised if Ek Tha Tiger Collects 100cr in 4-5days & cross 200cr in 12 days (Chances are very pretty there) 

VERDICT – Salman Khan films don’t need any reviews… 

For me its 3/5 for this Rajnikanth Of Bollywood, Salman Khan starrer, A Roaring Blockbuster…!!!

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