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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thappana - My Exclusive Movie Review

Directed by     Johny Antony

Produced by     Milan Jaleel

Written by     M. Sindhuraj


Charmy Kaur
Murali Gopy

Music by     Vidyasagar

Editing by     Ranjan Abraham

Distributed by     Galaxy Films
Release date    August 19, 2012

Language     Malayalam




The story is about two convicts, Samson [Mammootty] and Mallika [Charmee Kaur],  are released from jail on the same day & together. Due to some circumstances Samson had to accompany Mallika to her home town 'Karippa'. First half is about their journey &  the second half deals with the problems that awaits them in Karippa.
Did the film which was believed to be Megastar's come back into winning ways before release live upto the huge expectations? Lets see...

First of all its an out an out Mammooty show, he simply rocked as Samson who has difficulty in pronouncing the letter 'സ (SA)' properly. He always had great command over such nuances of dialect and all such films were huge hits. Most of his dialogues were clap-worthy.

Charmee as Mallika, may be her first ever non-glamorous role with minimal or zero make up, did a commendable job. Her Lip sync & emotions were almost perfect.

The rest of the cast especially Murali Gopi, Kalabhavan Shajon, Mala Aravindan etc also did good job.

The camera work & editing was good, action choreography was intelligent, done very well understanding Mammootty's limitations. The song 'aaro' is already a chart buster.

The story [whatever i found in the film] is pretty much similar to that of Mammotty's blockbuster 'Mayaavi'. The Script which was reasonably entertaing in first half some how goes weary in the second half, felt as if the writer didnt know how to reach the climax, which was predictable miles away. So he introduced many characters and sub plots which think affected the movie a great deal.

While the first half was good and reasonably entertaining, the second half felt pretty average where Samson the crux of the movie takes a back seat.

For a regular movie goer there may not be nothing much apart from Mammootty's performance. But it is the stars best outing since 'Best Actor (2010)' there is no 2 ways about it.

For a Mammootty fan it will be a 3/5 film & for a neutral person it will be a 2.5/5 film

So will it be the long awaited come-back of 'Ikka' lets hope so

Above Average

I am Going with a generous 3/5 for one & one reason only 'Ikka is backkk'

Box Office: Should be Above Average atleast, but depends upon other Eid/Onam releases

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