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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Agent Vinod - My Movie Review

Palakkad Sathya
Status: 30%

Sriram Raghavan was the main reason due to which i wanted to watch this movie FDFS. His EHT & Johnny Gaddar are considered as 2 of the best thrillers of all times from Bollywood. Plus Kareena Kappor and Saif Ali Khan  in the star cast with a blockbuster audio all the more increased the hype surrounding the film. But unfortunately i was extremely disappointed with the outcome.

The Story is about Vinod, a R&AW agent,on one of his missions happens to know about a secret code called '242' being discussed among various terror outfits. AV is th journey of Vinod across 12 countries, 5 continents in search of the truth, and what possible harm could '242' cause India . 

What I Liked

1: Raabta - song + action - was innovative
2: Maryam Zakariya - Smoking Hot in mujra song, should have given a lengthy role [All the girls except the 'important' one were ultra hot]
3. Locations
4: Some action sequences
5: Kareena in the cleavage flaunting 'Golden' dress in the aution scene
6. Songs

What made me Zzzz....

1.Saif Ali Khan - a misfit for this role, felt woodem some times
2. Kareena Kapoor - Badly written role, Avg Perfomance
3. Length of the movie
4. Boring & Confusing Screenplay
5. Most of the dialogues
6.Many action scenes were not perfect
7: Director, Editor, Cameraman combo didnt workout well
8: Climax

Rating: 2/5
  [1 for the girls, esp mariyam and mallika, .5 for songs, .5 for everything else]

Verdict: Huge Disappoinment

Box Office: Will be a flop looking at the initial Box Office response



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