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Friday, March 23, 2012

The King & The Commissioner - My Movie Review EXCLUSIVE

The King & The Commissioner

Mannarkkad Okaz

Status: <50%

This was the second most awaited movie of the year according to me only because of the iconic character 'Joseph Alex IAS' & 'Bharath Chandran IPS' . The two characters are icons to every mollywood lover. So the prospect of these two giants coming together in one movie was exciting for every one. But what to say was completely shattered and heartbroken after watching the movie.
The story is about Pakistan terrorists trying to assassinate Indian PM with the help of some Indian ‘stereo typical’ villains [babas, gurus, corrupt politicians etc]. Joseph Alex & Bharath Chandran are assigned to investigate the matters and whether they manage to nab the culprits and save the nation [!] form the rest of the story.
J.alex says “I have an extra spine” – wish the movie had one – THE SCRIPT. Two guys who should blamed for screwing up big time are Renji Panicker [Writer, who according to reports was writing it on the sets] & Shaji Kailas [Director]. The movie doesn’t even have a refreshing story line [nothing special than what we have seen in prequels and plenty of Vijaykanth movies]. The director cameraman and editor adds to the misery with oft repeated camera angles and editing styles. The BG too sucked big time, remember the original BGs were/is super-duper hits among the youth.
The lead actors too disappointed, but what more they could do on such a shoddy script. Suresh Gopi was the better, but was completely sidelined. Mammootty looks tired, bored, his dialogues lack the punch. All the supporting actors were awful, especially the Pakistani villains and the politicians at the centre.  The movie can also be called a sequel to ‘Ekalavyan’ [another hit from 90’s] due to Sai Kumar’s character.
Looks like Mammootys bad fortune at Box Office Continues, with a mega budget of 10+crores, low hype and Average opening this one will be an addition to the long list of disasters Megastar [so as the director] has had in the past 2 years.
Rating: 1.5/5
Verdict: Extremely Disappointing [ Better watch the Originals in DVD]

Box Office: Flop or  Average

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