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Friday, November 30, 2012

Poppins - My Movie Review

Directed by     V. K. Prakash
Produced by     Darshan Ravi
Written by     Jayaprakash Kuloor
Based on     18 Natakangal by
Jayaprakash Kuloor

    Meghana Raj
    Kunchacko Boban
    Nithya Menen
    Ann Augustine
    Shankar Ramakrishnan

Music by     Ratheesh Vegha

    Jomon T. John
    Arun James
    Pradeesh M. Varma

Editing by     Mahesh Narayan
Studio     Dimac Creations
Distributed by     Central Pictures
Release date(s)    

    November 30, 2012

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


The remake of a successful film, an anthology with a sea of stars, VKP after Beautiful & Trivandrum Lodge - All these were more than enough to watch the film FDFS

First things First - out of whatever things were shown in the film, i think the main story was that of a struggling writer waiting for a chance to make his debut in film field as Director & the remaining stories in the anthology consisting of his dreams or scripts or something else, seriously i didn’t understand a horse shit - May be becoz the film is crap or its way above my Intelligent & Entertainment Quotients.

If its a faithful remake i wonder how the original one became success and got much critical acclaim coz nobody in the theater understood what the film was about or what the director or writer meant. It was like watching an unedited raw film. the only time people were interested during the entire run length of 1.45hr was during the 'Saiju Kuruppu' episode and the 'Payasam' episode featuring Kunchako Boban & Nithya Menon.

Positives - liked the performances of Meghna S Raj, Kunchako Boban & Nithya Menon, some locations and sets were good. Camera work too was decent.

Negatives - I think practically everything else. A booklet of what the makers meant should have been distributed.

Christopher Nolan films used to leave viewers puzzled at the end, but VKP beat all of them hands down coz it’s a mystery from the very first scene/episode and still is...hope somebody help me out of the misery explaining everything in IMDB or WIKI.

Rating 1.5/5

Verdict: Waste of time and money

Box Office: Disaster

Final Word:
Must watch for every pseudo intelligent people and saviors of ‘brainy’ films out there - and for those with commonsense , who value their money, please stay away .......

NB: Hope Parle doesn't sue the makers for doing his to their premier sweet brand

PS: I am extremely sorry if you found the review harsh, non-sense etc....

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