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Friday, November 30, 2012

Chettayees - Exclusive Malayalam Movie Review

 Directed by     Shajoon Kariyal
Produced by     Biju Menon
P. Sukumar
Shajoon Kariyal
Suresh Krishna
Written by     Sachi
Starring     Lal
Biju Menon
Suresh Krishna
P. Sukumar
Sunil Babu
Music by     Deepak Dev
Cinematography     Vinod Illampally
Editing by     Bijith Bala
Studio     Thakkaali Films
Release date(s)   

    30 November 2012 (Kerala)

Country     India
Language     Malayalam


The posters, teasers and the unique casting + the super hit song 'eru nottam' had created quite bit of expectations


Story happens over two days and deal with the events that happens when 5 friends get together to celebrate a New Year's Eve.  John (Lal), a lawyer, Kichu (Biju Menon a percussionist), Roopesh (Suresh Krishna, an actor), Bava (P. Sukumar,  chef), and Babumon (Sunil Babu, a government employee) forms the 'Chettayees' gang and Merlin (Miya) Kicchu's wife.

'Chettayees' is pure fun to watch. Eventhough there is no proper storyline it offers plenty of entertainment to the Paisa paying Junta. The chemistry between 'Chettayees' are rocking where each gang member gets ample screen space to perform and deliver their quirky one-liners which are in plenty in the film. Lal leads the wolfpack with his drunken acts and over the top humor. Closely followed by Suresh Krishna, Biju Menon PSukumar and Babumon. Miya has done an incredible job as Merlin, a great outing for a Debutant (I think so, haven't seen her before). To get noticed in a mad film where the male leads are in an outlandish mayhem mood is quite commendable especially for a new comer

The scripting is intelligent funny interesting and entertaining. Direction was good, The 'Eeru nottam' song is the solo song in the film which is already a huge hit. Editing is neat and the film is fast and pacy with no lags with a runtime under 2 hours. Camera was also good, as most of the scenes were inside a flat doesn't have much scope to experiment.

No story, abusive language with cuss words [eventhough muted], nothing much for families can be said as the negatives, only if you want some. Personally I don't mind as long as its entertaining.

All in all 'Chettayees' is a Nice Entertaining watch

Rating 3.25/5

Box Office HIT

Go [with your friends if possible] and have a blast with these chettayees.....

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sujanthachinthakal said...

Chettayeees. A fun packed flick for your weekend. Like the usual fun movies in recent times all fun was made from obscene dialogues and the boozing sequences. But the tight making of Shajoon with good visuals and BGM made the movie watch able. All the lead actors done their part well. Obviously the plot is weak but its a fun movie. Watch it in that sense. Thumps up to Chettayees.I enjoyed it

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