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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate - Episode 1 Exclusive My (Re)View

I seriously had no hope or expectation regarding this show despite it being the all hyped TV debut of Mr.Perfectionist Amir Khan, till i saw the first 1-20 mins of the show. Yes, that's all the show needed tho completely bowl me over. It was shocking, emotional, hit me like a ton of bricks.

The show is inspired from Oprah Winfrey show and many other shows  in various Indian language GECs. But the fact that this one stand out is the lack of dramatization - Slow motion, depressing violin music, black and white blurred visuals etc. Its as true an Indian show can get.

The presence of facts, figures and experts who can show light into the matter, the very same who has been ignored, whose words were brushed under the carpet for all these while along with the those real life people who i had to go through these 'incidents'.

I cant think about any other actor/personality than Mr.Aamir Khan to host the show. He is himself, a true Indian common man in the show, and thats the best part of the show.

The show not just discuss various problems, but it also helps us to finally do something against all these evil practices, finally the power is in peoples hand.

No longer, no body can escape from crimes with brute force & money power, hope the show become a great sucess & bring about a change in our society

Hats off to the entire crew behind the show & also to star Plus for airing it in 14 regional languages & also on DD National, in this do anything for TRP world of GECs

Must watch, brilliant, though provoking, outstanding, exceptional .....

NB; There wont be dance, comedy, movie promotions in this show, so those who expecting a mass masal entertaining show better change the channel, you don't' deserve to be an Indian, in fact a human being at all

Ps. Really hope Karnataka changes its decision to ban the show dubbed in Kannada after watching this


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