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Monday, May 7, 2012

UTV's Grandmaster 4/5 - Review From Hyderabad [By a Non Mallu]

Review of UTV's Grandmaster from  Hyderabad by  Krishna Bhargav [a Telugite]

Theatre: Prasadz Multiplex, Hyderabad
Screen: 4
Status: 70%

I expected subtitles to be present as informed by the director on twitter... was disappointed when I didnt see the subs :( People whistled and clapped for Lalettans entry..

I loved the entry.. simple and strong indication in the looks.. basically I like Lal a lot for the variety of roles...

Coming to the movie.. I loved it.. though I didnt understand many dialogues in the first half.. second half was more gripping and I could understand quite a bit... infact about 70% I could understand.. I didnt get few witty ones though where the other audience lauged

Overall.. I rate it 4/5 for the gripping screenplay and performances...

On a side note... I would have loved if someone else was shown as the serial killer with a cooked up motive... Mr.X ( the killer ) has a motive which is obvious.. something more interesting should have been even better...

What I didnt understand maybe due to the lack of subs was... why the lyrics of the song was changed.. got it cleared later though

The Reviewer can be contacted Here:!/KrishBhargav

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