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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Barfi - Exclusive Twitter Reviews Compilation

There was something "different" about lose sense of has not sunk yet 

Omg Such a cute film. Acting in the truest sense really. Respect. 

. Ooof. Pure joy. 

Barfi! was magical! Cannot describe it any other way. 

love,laugh n cry with Barfi a visual treat!brilliant performances!dis is surely getin priyanka a national award

= Superb! 100% appeal to the Indian audience...

has moments that will both break your heart and make it soar
- fab direction and cinematography. Music is even better on the big screen.
manages the difficult task of tackling serious issues in a lighthearted manner.
And now for what you've all really been waiting for - yes, very good performances by Ranbir, and Ileana. 

Ranbir Kapoor Ileana Tremendous Respect. 

got to be one of the best movies on 2012 so far...all acted well...well done barfi makers and all the artists. 

u have left me hungover. A must watch for every Director, Composer.. OMG..Ranbir kapoor thou art Great.PC n Ileana D'Cruz like wise..

is to what Rockstar was for Ranbir Kapoor. Great acting.. Awesomely feel good film . Magic of Cinema ! 

u haven't done something different,u have done something extraordinary!! splendid performance in ! a magic of its own!

:World Class.Awards assured.. Best Actor Best Actress Best Music Best Director & Best Film..Let’s be greedy & pray for HUGE rewards 2.

Thought it would be good. I was wrong - its fucking brilliant. Halfway thru.  
BARFI - A treasure trove of lovely moments. Beautiful. Cute. Classic. Ranbir is incredible. Get your tickets now.
 Second half drags slightly, but can't believe Barfi was made by the same guy who made Murder. Oh and Ileana is a welcome change. 

Barfi doesnt just make u smile,makes heart do somersaults,breaks it,glues it back like only Ranbir can..lives up to the 'mitaas' in its name

Barfi! Is a Brilliant cinema. Speechless. Ranbir Kapoor, at their best. Congrats team Barfi and UTV rfi

is a classic. is a blessing to . at her best. Must see. Love u team Barfi! 

= Superb! 100% appeal to the Indian audience... 

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