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Friday, July 13, 2012

Billa 2 - My Exclusive Movie Review [from Kerala]

Directed by Chakri Toleti 

Produced by Sunir Kheterpal Suresh Balaje George Pius 

Written by Era Murukan Jaffer Mohammed 

Screenplay by Chakri Toleti Sarath Mandava Jaffer Mohammed 

Story by Chakri Toleti Eric Felberg 

Starring Ajith Kumar Parvathy Omanakuttan Bruna Abdullah Vidyut Jamwal Sudhanshu Pandey 

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja 

Cinematography R. D. Rajasekhar 

Editing by Suresh Urs Studio Wide Angle Creations IN Entertainment 

Distributed by Aascar Films (India) GK Media (USA) 

Release date(s) 13 July 2012  

Running time 129 minutes 

Country India 

Language Tamil 


Don is one one mos the most loved gangster movies of all time [both the old version & new one]. The 2007 release Billa was the remake of Rajnikanth's Billa which itself was a remake of Don. Billa (2007) was a smash-hit, so the expectations regarding Billa 2 was sky high, plus the fact that its a PREQUEL made me all the more interested in the project. The much hyped Don 2 turned out to be a damn squib, so expecting a great movie from Chakri Toleti worthy enough of satisying my thirst for a Don sequel


"Everybody has a past but a Don a History" - Billa 2 is the story of David Billa, before he becomes the dreaded ruthless underworld King. How he started from the bottom, and marched  to the top of the underworld with brawn & brain.

Billa 2 is not a worthy successor to Billa. The movie is not entertaining, it drags big time & tests your patience through out. But that doesn't mean its Class, its neither Class nor Mass. Chakri Toleti is the main culprit here [also the co-writers]. The Direction took the average script into deeper depths. Editing was bad, felt as if its 3hr long [actual lenght is 129 mins]. Yuvan Shankar Raja disappointed big time, his BG & Music were one of the big plus points of 'Mankatha', here he simply failed to deliver.

God only knows why the makers opted for Parvathy Omanakuttan [may be coz she is a Malayali, as Nayans was a Mallu too]. Brunah Abdulah looked Old & 'Cold' even in those bikinis. Both had short roles, shorter clother & even shorter expressions that u need a magnifying lens to read them from their face. All villains are wasted [Poor characterization is there throughout]. Billa character lacks consistency, it swings both ways.

The movie started positively, but failed to pick up, even in the second half. Action choreography was bad. The movie has some good one liners. The climax looked ridiculous [just like Sagar Alias Jacky].

Even die hard fans of Thala will be disappointed. Don 2 looks a classic compared to this, even though it was a sequel. A Colossal disappointment considering the excessive baggage & hype it carried.


Actor who played Hotel Owner

'Sin-City' like video for 'Unakkulle Mirugam'
Some good One-Liners


Chakri Toleti 
Music & BG
Villains gets no scope
Over Hype




Die hard Thala fans, watch it for him, other don't even bother watching

Box Office

Took an above average opening in Kerala & Andhra & 100% in TN & Overseas, but should fall from Monday - Totally Average or Above

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