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Monday, June 27, 2011

Peter Parker a.k.a Spider-Man is Dead!!!

Of death and resurrection

Peter Parker, one of the most popular comic book characters, is dead! But, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean Spider-Man is dead. The comic world is full always finds a way to resurrect these stories back to life

Rayman Gill

    Peter Parker, the man behind the mask of Spiderman, breathed his last in the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160, which released on June 22. Spiderman is a classic creation of Marvel comics that generations of kids have grown up with, and Peter’s death is already being mourned by comic nerds (ahem, graphic novel enthusiasts) all over the world. Writer Brian Bendis said, “He will
pass heroically, but he will die at the hands of the Green Goblin”. He told an international newspaper, “I wrote the story with tears in my eyes like a big baby.”
    But before you bring out your funeral garb, you ought to know that in the comic book world, there is always a catch. Marvel Entertainment editorin-chief Axel Alonso said, “Peter’s death doesn’t signal the end.... It’s the start of one of the most ambitious stories you’ve ever read in comics.” An all-new Spider-Man will
now debut in July’s “Ultimate Comics Fallout”, which picks up from Parker’s death, and according to Marvel, “You won’t believe who’s under the mask.”
    But this isn’t the first time that a superhero has been knocked off. In fact, an issue of a comic book series that features the death of a superhero often becomes an extremely coveted collector’s item. However, it’s always just a matter of time before the hero gets resurrected. Other very popular superheroes who have similarly and temporarily kicked the bucket in the past are Captain America, Bat
man, Spiderwoman and The Thing.

The Thing was shot but later returned to life as ‘the one above all’

Depiction of Peter Parker’s death in the latest comic

Captain America was fatally wounded and was revived later. Spider-Woman was killed in a sacrifice

Batman was apparently killed, but the corpse recovered was of a clone

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