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Friday, June 10, 2011

Badrinath - Movie Review

Badrinath Review 1

Badrinath(Allu Arjun) is one among trained young lads under Bheeshma Narayan(prakash Raj) to protect Temples in India.Badri is appointed to safe gaurd Badrinath Temple.Alakananda(Tamanna) who does not belive god,Visits Badrinath temple along with her grandfather to do rituals to her passed away parents.There she meets badri(Allu Arjun)and with his campanion she starts to belive god.and falls in love with Badri.Sarkar(Kelli Dorjee) is a big DON who married Tamanna Aunt against the interest of Tamanna grand father.This Aunt wants Tamanna to marry her son.Bheeshma Narayan wishes to make Badri as whole protector of temples where he should be a bachelor for life time.Rest of the story is how Alakananda makes her love success.How Badri keeps up his Guru Bheeshma Narayan words.

Artist Performance :
Allu Arjun as Badrinath is extremely good.His look as a protector should be applauded.His dances are electrifying and lively.Should have taken more care in dialogue delivery.
Tamanna is not bubbly this time,she is ok in her role danced well to match Bunny.
Prakash Raj as Bheeshma Narayan as usual done what he can do best.
Kelly Dorjee,Tanikella Bharani,Kovai Sarala,Brahmanandam,Dharamvarapu Subramanyam,Krishna Bhagavan,M.S.Narayana are ok .

Allu Arjun Electrifying dances.
Couple of Songs .

Flip side :
No Entertainment .
All Fights are almost Similar.
V.V.Vinayak failed in selecting the story and execution.There is no Vinayak mark in this movie.
Chinni Krishna who hyped so much about the movie story is a big disappointment.

Public Talk:
A Very big disappointment from Vinayak and Geetha Arts .Only Saving Factor is Allu Arjun and  his’s a Flop.

Badrinath Review 2

Badrinath Review - Endless Abyss of Nonsense

Quiz: How many bad guys can Badri (Allu Arjun) single-handedly kill or maim at the Bellary Railway Station with just a sword and without suffering as much as a scratch in the new Telugu film Badrinath?
a) 0
b) 2
c) 4
d) Several Dozen
If you answered from a-c, you’d be grossly wrong but still get credit for retaining a vestige of sanity. Since it’s a Telugu film after all, the correct answer is d.
Folks, with each new movie, Telugu film star Allu Arjun’s acting gets worse and the plot of his film gets more bizarre.
In his new film Badrinath which premiered in the U.S. Thursday night, Allu Arjun not only, yet again, grossly overacts a la Sivaji Ganesan from an earlier era but the storyline is straight from the loony-bin.
Set in the Hindu holy city of Badrinath in North India, the movie is a mindless Telugu paean to senseless violence (Allu Arjun), asinine romance (Tamanna) and juvenile humor (Brahmanandam).
Trashy as most Telugu films are, one can, if one searches hard enough, spot some redeeming element – in the form of acting, music, settings, photography or, if nothing else, in the voluptuous heroine.
But Badrinath’s claim to fame is that it comes to the screen shorn of any semblance of artistic merit or any redeeming quality save that a bunch of wannabe filmmakers had money to burn.
And proceeded to toss Rs 41-crore in the fire if media reports are accurate.

Allu Arjun, rippling muscles and 8-pack physique and all, plays Badri, the favorite young disciple of a saintly, white-bearded old figure Bhishma Narayan (Prakash Raj) in Badrinath.

Serpent in Eden oops Badrinath

Given to flashing his sword and performing endless leaps on the high peaks, the young disciple’s idyllic life in the serene heights of the temple town is disturbed with the entry of a serpent in the form of the fair-skinned Alakananda (Tamannah Bhatia).
Oh yea, the girl hates all mention of God and given to sacrilegious acts, one of which nullifidian acts has our valorous hero angrily flinging her into a fast-moving Himalayan river from high above.
Alas, to our great distress Badri’s Guru orders him to save her, which he dutifully proceeds to do so and in the process shaves us of any peace for the next two hours!
But Cupid will always have his way or at least Badrinath director V.V.Vinayak (also responsible for the screenplay) will.
Soon, the devout young lad is distracted with the skimpily-clad girl who sports a mouth perennially agape as if longing for a hard-object, a pout at home in a nut-house, a brain smaller than a pea and simian antics characteristic of diapered children.
One such “Rajinikanth” antic has an elephant charging after her and only the timely intervention of her savior Badri prevents the pachyderm from planting its large feet on her lissome midriff.
Bare-chested Badri is soon lovey-doveying with bare-midriffed Alakananda on the mountain top even as her evil relatives in the Andhra plains, who seem to be on an overdose of crack-cocaine, plot nefarious schemes that will soon reach the mountains and separate the love-birds.
Allu Arjun’s character Badri has a weird tendency to suddenly break into moon-dances a la Michael Jackson in the company of a large troupe, a hint that his Valium dose needs to be increased if we’re to calm him down.
By the way, Tamannah Bhatia sets a new record in Badrinath, albeit a dubious one, for being the first Indian heroine to go through an entire movie without covering  her midriff and belly-button and lavishly displaying her wares, small as they are, in a desperate effort at inducing lecherous eyes, drooling mouths and priapic organs. We’d say she failed in all three.
Did we tell you, her character goes to a funeral dressed as if to a late evening party! Seriously, do they do that in Andhra Pradesham?
Neither the music nor their picturization were in any measure adequate to lift us out of our misery at the distressing spectacle. The Nath Nath shrieks in the second half masquerading as a song had us gasping for breath.
As if all of the aforesaid were not torture enough, we were subjected to more grief from that infernal sine qua non of Telugu films Brahmanandam, who plays a crook masquerading as a 2,000-year-old swami. strongly recommends that if you value your sanity you must stay away from this endless abyss of nonsense a.k.a. Badrinath.

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