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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lalit Modi: How BCCI, ICC 'finished' ICL

Former Indian Premier League commissioner Lalit Modi on Monday revealed how the International Cricket Council and Board of Control for Cricket in India worked in unison to finish off the Indian Cricket League.

The rebel ICL was launched by Subhash Chandra, owner of Zee's Essel Group, in 2007, but it survived only two seasons because of opposition from all national boards on orders of the BCCI and ICC.

"When I was at Bcci [BCCI] - the mandate given then was to scuttle ICL. Bcci arm twisted every cricket board and ICC to change there [their] constitution," Modi revealed on Twitter.

"The constitution of every board was changed and ICC made ICL redundant by its act -- by making it unauthorized Cricket."

Lalit ModiThe first step, Modi pointed out, was to threaten the state associations and advertisers.

"Yes we as Bcci called all and Sundry to oppose ICL. Cricket associations were told not to give there [their] grounds or fear losing matches. Advertisers were called and told if you advertise on ICL than [then] you will be barred from all bcci cricket by the Bcci. In effect bcci did what was necessary to finish ICL."

The players, commentators and umpires, Modi wrote, were blackmailed by the threat of being banned if they joined the 'rebel' league."Players were told do not play for ICL or we will black list you. This then Bcci had to implement thru change of constitution. CommentIators [commentators] were called and told do not associate with ICL or BCCI will ensure we will not take you. Umpires were told the same. it was systematically done," his Tweet added.

The BCCI, he added, even terminated Zee Sports' contract unfairly, as they had launched the ICL and BCCI wanted a window for the IPL."The final Straw was to offer the players who had joined the ICL an amnesty Scheme so that they would desert the T20 league and join IPL."The final nail in the coffin was to change the ICC constitution [constitution], which was done at lightning speed.

"Bcci than called every member of icc to ensure that they all help in changing the icc constitution to outlaw ICL. ICC set up a three member committee with ME, Giles Clarke President ECB and Norman Arendse President CSA to draft the new constitution."We drafted the same and then Bcci ensured it was approved and implemented with lightening speed. Result - Demise of ICL."

Modi agreed that he was at the forefront of the IPL, as the BCCI resorted to every possible means kill the ICL, including banning the players who joined the Twenty20 league.The former BCCI vice-president said he was just following orders given to him.

"Yes I was part of the Bcci when we scuttled ICL. That was the mandate of the organization. It was not my personal agenda. When you work for an organization -- and it gives you a mandate to do something then -- its one job to do that to the best of his ability."

He also gave his full backing to the venture."I have no personal issues with ICL. I am of the personal opinion that more competition in the game is good for the game and its Players," he said.

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