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Friday, June 17, 2011

Avan Ivan (Vaadu Veedu) - Movie Review

Bala known for his sharp, decisive screenplays & also for his ability to handle any kind of scripts. He adds value to the script by choosing the exact cast & crew. This time he goes with Vishal & Arya, hopefully this will be his fifth success in a row.
Movie begins with the trade mark scenes of Bala. Both Arya & Vishal are the brothers with same father but different Mother's. Both doesnt maintain the good releationship on each other. There will more ego rifts between two & that makes the movie more humourous.

The Ego clashes b/w Kumbudren sami(Arya) & Walter Vannangamudi(Vishal) will carry us to the interval in a simple way. GM Kumar who acts as a Jammen is an one big plus for the humour scenes. Arya, Vishal & GM Kumar are outstanding in their timing comedies between them and its a perfect one to watch.

Ambika plays the role of Vishal's mother and Jaya Prabha plays the role of Arya's mother. Both the family will come together due to a incident which happens at a interval block.
Post Interval, RK will be introduce as villain. Then comes some serious things will happen around at the beginning of Climax. What happened to Arya & Vishal?? The climax answers all.
Surya plays a cameo in the movie where he comes for a public meeting & he will explains his Agaram foundation & its operations.
Vishal, who is an hero for the masses earlier have choosen the script where he comes as transgender here with Squint eyes and he delivers his best. Can see his effort in each & every scene of the movie. And for the first tym he comes out with this genre. Avan Ivan certainly a landmark for Vishal.
Arya as an younger brother in the film has did his best with his comedies & his dialogues are added flavour to the movie. Should appreciate bala for his casting sense, he can make any one to act like Sivaji or Kamal. Yuvan's songs & back ground scores adds value to the movie. The Vishal's intro BGM is Yuvan's treat to the masses. Avana Pathi Nan pada poren & Oru malayoram songs are one of the best from him. Suresh Urs's editing is slick and neat.
Janani Iyer who is the new comer did the justice role as innocent police constable and he is the pair for Vishal. Another lady lead role of the movie is Madhu Shalini who is the pair of Arya also did her role well. 
However on the flip side, some dragging moments in second half could have been avoided. On the whole, it was an different experience watching a different film.
This is certainly not the kind of movie that you can munch popcorn through. Hats off Bala and team and three cheers to Vishal.

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